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Stealth Kill! in 'There Is No Tomorrow' game. Patreon page is setup!

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Stealth kill!

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Leon can perform the stealth takedown only when he is equipped with a weapon in hand. Without any weapons, He can only punch his way out or using any guns.

More screenshots

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screenshots 0 08 37 14

Pre comp 1 0 00 09 08

Comp 1 0 00 14 05


'There Is No Tomorrow' is still under development phrase, hopefully can be out by the end of 2018. It is quite a big project for me but I am going to do it right.

Steam page -



Recently I am restarting my Patreon which I will be sharing behind the scene images and videos as well as able to play my beta/alpha games. Patrons' names will be credited in all of the games credits.

Thanks, if you have anything to comment, feel free to share.

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