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Still Decay is an adventure total conversion mod for Doom 3, set in a Gothic-Victorian style environment. The entire mod takes place in the far future in a decaying tower. Game-play consists of jump and run, as well as shooter and RPG elements, coupled with classic FPS puzzle solving.

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Hi, people,

It's been a month with no info on the mod, and that's primarily because I had no time to work on it. Long story short- my gf moved in with me so I was very busy with her. Now that we're used to living together things are getting back to normal and hopefully I'll have more time for the project. First thing on the list is some heavy de-bugging. On the bright side I'll have time to refine the map, smoothen the frame rate and finish some areas.

An even better news is that I've decided to chop the mod into several maps, which means there might be an initial release sooner than later. Since the current map is almost complete I've allready begun to think about the second one. Maybe some more organic architecture... on a planet covered in sand, with creepy tunnels, Stalker style. I'll see ;). I'm thinking the contrast this time can be between the organic architecture and the dead surrounding area covered in nothing but rock and sand. I know it sounds very Doom-y but I promise I can deliver something different.

Now, I have another area of the current map to finish, then I can focus on the gameplay aspects of the mod. I can't say how long it will take but expect more screens in about a week.

Thanks to the watchers, and everyone else interested in the mod, and see you soon.

Kaikkivaltias - - 49 comments

Can't wait, keep up the good work!

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SpiritusSanctus Author
SpiritusSanctus - - 102 comments

will do ;).

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DaveTheFreak - - 994 comments

Sounds promising, this change between the styles. :)

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