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We've just released the first version of Stay High!

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Hi everyone,

me and 2 other students have been making a little game for a course at our local college (KULeuven) and we finally have a public version so we would like to show it off to you guys and get some feedback.

The game is currently only on android and available in the play store, obviously for free: Play Store link

It is a dexterity game, a tough-as-nails 2D infinite runner and we made it using Unity.

We would really appreciate any feedback, ranging from your opinions about the colors used, the menu design, the difficulty, usability and performance of the application. All feedback can be left as a comment on the play store page or mailed to

More specifically, we would like to know whether anything is unclear, whether the controls are immediately clear or whether it took you a while to figure them out. We’d also like to know whether you have a feeling of progression in the game.

We have already found that some older android devices seem to have trouble loading the game and that there are some issues with scaling on smaller devices, but because we only have a few devices this is quite difficult to test. If you experience any of these problems, please let us know at And if you would include a screenshot it would be even more awesome!

Thanks on behalf of the entire team to everyone who is willing to give it a try!

P.S.: If you really like the game, you should try beating my highscore on the “speed” level and become number 1!

A short video:

Some screenshots: Imgur album

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