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The first episode of Bit Shifter (System A) is complete and available for play. This news post gives the status of the next episode, System B.

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Status Update

Happy New Year gamers, time for another status update. In our last update we talked about what would be available in the first Alphafunding verison of Bit Shifter. Well, that version is now available! If you like action games with a bit of strategy, check it out and let us know what you think.

Meanwhile, back at Plastic Headquarters we have been busy working on System B. Our next update to Bit Shifter will include the first three maps of System B. Here is what to expect.


Just like System A, System B is composed of six regular maps and one boss map. It also introduces a new enemy and a new weapon in the first three maps


You play Flash Bios, a robotic citizen of Home World. In the Story so far you have answered the call of General Protection of System Command. He sent a call out for pilots to help fight the Virus, but the Virus has destroyed all the ships except one. You pilot the one remaining Scandisc, shifting Bits and fighting the ugly things that spawn from the Virus and attack you and your Bits.

Along the way you meet the enigmatic Zor Mind, which appears to be some kind of world spanning intelligence that gives you information you need and is even able to upgrade your ship, giving it abilities such as Radar and the ability to clean Virus directly with your gun.

By the end of System A you have defeated the Boss that was attacking the System Bus, and you tell General Protection to call in the help of Aster Risk. She is a mechanic that you hope will be able to build new Scandiscs and thereby help Genreral Protection rebuild the Bit Shifter fleet to protect Home World.

In Maps B1, B2, and B3 the story continues as you face a new enemy and attempt to get your hands on a more powerful weapon.

New Enemy

On B1 a new ugly enemy is introudced: a red version that is stronger and harder to kill.

New Weapon

On B3 a new weapon is itroduced: A rapid fire Plasma Gun that does more damage than the main weapon, but cannot be used to clean the Virus.

State of Maps

Right now we have what we call "raw" versions of all the maps B1 - B7. This means the maps are built and all the features work (new enemy, new gun, new boss) but have not yet been play tested and tweaked.

After play testing is done on a map we then setup the alternate gameplay elements for the various difficulty levels, which we call"difficultizing". Once that is complete a map get's a final round of aesthetic improvements we call "prettifying".

We are now in the process of playtesting maps B1, B2, and B3. The story elements are already written for these three maps.

What's Next

We hope to be all done with maps B1 - B3 and have the next update of Bit Shifter available in the few weeks. Meanwhile we will be starting up a Developers Jounal and putting out more Status Updates.

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