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Update on some map progress and other things. Also, campaigns!!!

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Just wanted to update everyone on a little bit of progress on the maps we're currently working on. I'll list them as bullet points, but this is to give people a general idea of who's working on what and how close we are to a possible end-of-summer release for some maps! I've been learning some more scripting and that will help further the progress of all of the maps in the current line up.

  • Add campaign mode to Kashyyyk Days Chapter 1 - 3 (map by RevanSithLord)
  • Add campaign mode to Early Days Chapter 1 - 1 (map by RevanSithLord)
  • Working on new models for the main mod, namely the Tropikan Empire and more Rathian units, along with new starships (fighters, frigates, battleships, etc). More weapons as well!
  • Continue to experiment with scripting
  • Revisit the Scarif map and update the Rebel and Imperial models, give them U-wings, etc. Add more kinds of palm trees, bushes, etc.
  • Start work on DD: TOR
  • Start work on DD: Dark Forces
  • Continue work on DD: Chronicles

Along with that stuff, we've been working with different concepts and adding more lore to the story.

I know this isn't a content heavy update, but I just wanted to remind people that we aren't dead. Far from it. People understand that life gets in the way and some people take vacations as well. I personally have had many appointments out of town lately, and also have to be with the wife and the 2-year old, so I haven't had a lot of free time until the weekends.

But we are back at it, so...yay! May the Force be with you, Commanders! Watch this space for more news!

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