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Hearthlands 0.3.0 release and development status update.

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Hearthlands 0.3.0 has been released and should be available for download either now or very shortly.

NB! Savegames from 0.2.0 are not compatible with the new version.

What's new:

Economy changes

We've reworked economy a bit in order to make city progress smoother and make balance better. People now require generally less resources, but two new luxury resources have been added: clothes and boots.

Also housing progress is now 3 stages longer:



In addition to food your people now require alcohol. Currently there's only one type of alcohol (sider), but we'll be adding wine, beer and mead.

New resources and buildings

Two new luxury resources added: boots (can be made out of leather in shoemaker's shop) and clothers (can be made out of textile in clothier's shop). Also, tailor's shop is now called pillow maker's shop to avoid confusion.


Town hall

Town hall is now required to build tax offices. It also increases appeal in the area.


New monsters

Stone, coal, iron and gold elementals may now appear if you mined too much of the appropriate resource. They are very tough and have a bonus against buildings. After defeating an elemental you will be awarded with resources.



Trade system has been reworked. Trade limit and price change depending on your actions. Trade routes may close, and new trade routes may become available.

New shield overlays

There are 100 new overlays available to choose from when you create a new game.


As always we would like to get as much feedback as possible, so please comment and send your thoughts to If you become our watcher on Indie DB or Desura, that also helps a lot! Don't forget to subscribe to one of our social network pages or YouTube channel. If you want to support the development — you can just purchase the game.

And, please, do vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

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Woeh. This game looks AMAZING! Tracking! Very FEW games make it onto my tracking list!

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