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BlurryHunters Version announcement and personal update.

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As the mod followers have noticed i uploaded Version K of the mod to the Download section.

All the credit for this work Goes to BlurryHunter and his brothers who Put together this version and bought it to my attention. included in the download is a Big file and a Text Document with the list of changes.

i would like to thank everyone's support over the many years and hope that at some point i can deliver on what i promised so long ago.

Here is my updated status.

i was able to procure a new HW2 disk and was able to recover some Data from my old Hard drive.

i was able to save the following models that where going to replace the current placeholders :

  • The new Bataraia's Hammer
  • Pirate Harpoon Frigate (still needs a texture).
  • Pirate Strike Frigate (needs a texture as well)
  • The uncompleted model of the Combat Shipyard.
  • The uncompleted model of the Resource Controller.

most of the other model files where corrupted to the point that they could no longer be fixed.
the exception to this being the Marauder Corvette. using a trial software i was able to get that model 90% finished before i ran out of time.

My current plan is to step back and examine what progress has been made in the HW2 Modding scene before deciding where to take this mod.

Thanks again for everyone's support.

P.S. And don't worry ....THE PIRATES WILL RISE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Church256 - - 79 comments

Awesome news. Pirates has to be my favourite HW2 mod.

Combat Shipyard and new Bataraia's Hammer sound interesting.

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QPsychosis - - 218 comments

Great news indeed! Quite exciting to see where this mod will go next!

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