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I'm finally back at FREDding. Mission 11 is decent now, but it's not as satisfactory as the rest of the missions. Trailer will be published shortly before release.

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Three weeks ago I said I'll take some rest and put aside FS modding for a while. Now I'm back, with some news. Since there's not much progress, there's not much to say, so this isn't a full news item. I finally made some progress with mission 11, the mission I planned to create three weeks ago.


Mission 11 is nearly complete. I wouldn't say I'd make a video of it and use it for promotion, as it's lacking at places. To elaborate, the mission needs some more balancing - the current version is way too hard and the AI doesn't behave the way I want it to. The middle part of the mission is kind of empty. I plan to insert some messages here and there to make it more lively. There's a small cutscene at the end, which plays out almost exactly as I want it to.
And here's the list of missions with some comments on their progress.

  • Mission 1: Mission 1 is in a really, really good shape. I don't expect to find anything wrong with it later. Mission length could be a bit longer, though.
  • Mission 2: It's fine. Needs some balance refinement.
  • Mission 3: The fighter-type (default) version is fine and ready to go. The bomber version needs to be made.
  • Mission 4: The beginning of the mission may need some tweaks to make it more fun to play.
  • Mission 5: I have some ships placed, but nothing else.
  • Mission 6: Needs to be tested on all difficulty levels to make sure it plays out like it's supposed to.
  • Mission 7: Not yet started.
  • Mission 8: Everything is okay, apart from balancing. Currently the mission is self-play.
  • Mission 9: Not yet started.
  • Mission 10: Pretty satisfied with it.
  • Mission 11: Per above: mostly done, needs some refinement and more messages.
  • Mission 12: Not yet started.
  • Mission 13: Not yet started.

I excluded the intro and the outro cutscenes from the list, as I don't consider them "missions." They will be FREDded later.


I haven't forgotten about it. I plan to make a month/weeks before release. Its script is written.

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