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I know that I haven´t made any media releases for a while , but here is a list of upcoming media releases and yes, the mod is still in active development.

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I know I haven´t made any updates for a while but the mod is still actively developed. I have been working on overhauling some vanilla characters and doing preparation for the upcoming unique weapons you won´t most likely see in any other SWRC Mod!

Let me show you what the upcoming media releases will be focused on:

1. Weapons

I have been working hard on importing some new weapon models and I am currently working on a few interesting weapons. Those weapons include : Trandoshan Hunting Rifle , DLT-20A , DLT-19 , Walken 38X (The weapon Dengar uses in movies) and many more.


I have revamped some of the default characters and improved a few ambient NPCs (Gonk droid actually gonks now!) and I am doing a huge preparation for those upcoming missions.


I have been working on map layouts and I will be transferring them into real maps soon. Expect more map screenshots

3. UI

I will be replacing main menu with something different , however it will still have that holographic hue to retain atmosphere. I will be also improving the Lucasarts intro so it looks and sounds a lot better.

4. Music

All the vanilla music will be unchanged and retained , but a few new levels will use some music from movies (but not too much , they will still use tons of vanilla music to retain atmosphere)

5. Easter Eggs

This is what many of you were waiting for ... easter eggs! I will include many easter eggs related to classical legends media. I can tell you only one thing... expect to see SWBF2 related easter eggs amongst them aswell.

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goodluck, I will be waiting

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