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In this status update I discuss how things are going and how I plan to move the mod forward after the first release.

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Hey guys, Warman here!

For starters I want to thank you all for your support and reception to this mod! It's you guys that keep this mod forward and I value your opinions and as such I'm going to answer some of the common questions and remarks.

Q. Is there a Campaign Mode/ When will there be a Campaign Mode?

A. There is no campaign mode currently in Medieval Kingdoms, however we do plan to implement such a mode later, most likely in the third release once most of the other stuff is finished.

Q. Will you add the Seijuks(spelling?)/Middle Eastern factions?

A. Yes of course! My fellow team member Ltd. has been working on them right now. We plan to add those factions as well as expanding the list to include more factions not represented in the mod right now, including but not limited to:

Republic of Genoa
Kimhdom(?) of Sicily
Crown of Aragon
Kingdom of Denmark

and the aforementioned Middle Eastern factions.

Q. Will you upload the mod to Steam Workshop?

A. I'm not sure, if you downloaded the mod you'll know this puppy is big, 2.6 GB roughly. I would have to upload this mod into many parts, like at least 10. Regardless on how I could do it you'll have to download it externally. I will try to upload it to different places to compensate.


I also noticed that people have told me that the textures have been bugging out at times, that's because I'm using the decal system on a lot of the models to try and increase performance, so they disappear when they fade out. All is fine there. Some people also expressed some critiques about some of the Western European rosters being too generic like England and France. I'm trying to think of ways to expand their rosters with more unique units. It's very tricky though because in Western Europe there's not much wiggle room, many of these armies were similar. That being said leave your suggestions in the comments below and I'll see what I can do. I do have some ideas though. Here's my current list of roster expansion ideas:


Bill Militia
Heavy Billmen
Retinue Longbowmen (I would nerf the Yeomen Archers a bit too)


Mercenary Flemish Pikemen
Voulge Militia




Scot's Guard
Scottish Segeants

That's basically all I've come up with, very much inspired by Medieval 2's rosters. In the second version we also plan to add later era units to, so later era knights would be a possibility too. Okay I think that's it. Leave your thoughts, questions and remarks below.


Do you plan to make Serbian faction?

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Billmen and longbows are the reason I normally choose to play as England, so I'm glad to see they will be added and expanded upon.

I don't mind so much having western European rosters similar, as long as there are a few unique units and their 'common' units look unique to the faction then it is fine with me.

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one of the main differences in these armies was cavalry, so increasing the roster there could help especially just making the unit textures more unique. You could also explore gap between professional and conscripted forces, looking very good though.

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