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Some updates about the latest progress with the mod.

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Hey guys, Warman here again,

I know's it's rather soon since the last update, but I think there's enough stuff to mention to warrant it now. First off there's been an adjustment to the faction list we had planned for the first release. I think you guys are going to like it. So we decided to take out Bohemia and the Latin Empire and replace them with Hungary and the Teutonic Order! One of our team members Ltd. has been working hard on his rosters like how I've been working on mine. He has basically been doing Eastern/Central Europe and factions like the Mongols and Cumans. So any screenshots from those factions are his doing. He has had some progress done with Hungary and the TO and I'll upload them shortly. He is now currently working on Poland I believe. So expect some screenshots soon. Here's the updated faction list for the first release:

Holy Roman Empire
Kievan Rus
Teutonic Order
Empire of Nicaea
Mongol Empire
Cuman Confederacy

On my end I have started work on Scotland, particularly the assets for the three Highlander units planned. After those it'll be the more conventional and accurate Scottish units like knights, etc. Still no ETA on the date for the first release but we are shooting for sometime in the second half of this month. Stay tuned for that.

Okay I think that's it. See you next time everybody!


While I know that the campaign map is lacking in modibility. Is adding and removing settlements even possible?

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