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A rather large update showing two new weapons, 1 and a half new animations, our new texture swap feature, new muzzle flashes, gun mags that fall to the ground, and our wip SDK.

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Our two latest weapons, the RPG-7 and the M95.


The M95, mid completion. Still needs a scope animation and holster/select animations:

A short video showing our new muzzle flash, in-game texture change funtion (no purpose currently, just for kicks), the dropable empty magazines, and a quick run-through of all our weapons in-game so far (all of which are still wip).

And lastly our wip SDK, which currently does absolutely nothing, except look all professional-like:

Well that's all for now! See you on the battlefield!

werty2517 - - 242 comments

SWEET! It's all looking great, I can't wait to play when it comes out.

By the way, the sniper rifle (or what ever it is)is looking really, REALLY good, it just needs some textures then I would say it's done.

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Intolerance.dll - - 198 comments

rocket launchers doesnt have recoil

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Nixtwiz Author
Nixtwiz - - 195 comments

I know, and I didn't want to add any, but everygame I've seen they have recoil in, even if the real one doesn't. And judging by other comments on it, a lot of people seem to think they do. I figured I'd give it a little but not a lot. Best of both worlds I guess lol.

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Supermario641996 - - 298 comments

Wow, looks awesome.

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Avenger2150 - - 496 comments

Now, im a real happy for you and imma let you finish but, this needs loads of works on animations. seriously the weapon animations look way to robotic and i hope to see a improvement in the future, and whats the iron sighting for ? you got a crosshair any way.

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GangAngel13 - - 177 comments

I really like the new animations of the pistol and rpg, 50 cal, but not the other ones. Are you going to model new hands?

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Mobster103 - - 915 comments

speed up the animations, but good job

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Nixtwiz Author
Nixtwiz - - 195 comments

All of the in-game content is still WIP. And as for iron sights, why wouldn't you have iron sights? The cross hair is the general area you are shooting, and because its hip-fired its not very controlled and thus its very unaccurate. In iron sights you can see exactly where you're aiming and have more control over the gun, thus less recoil and more accuracy. The crosshair is for people that can't tell where their aiming. That gives me an idea though, maybe harder difficulties won't have the crosshairs? I'll talk to our coder.

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Nixtwiz Author
Nixtwiz - - 195 comments

Yeah I'll work on making new hands.

btw I know you can "reply to comment" but its not working for me. So yeah..

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f34rthereaper - - 202 comments

will the pc players be able to play with the psp users?

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~YouPhailToAmuse - - 136 comments

My guess is no, because a high-end computer player could have an advantage over the PSP players. And it depends on how they do the servers.

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PSP-H4CKERxX - - 502 comments


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