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Power back online. Production has resumed. Full speed ahead.

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It's been a while. The Typhon was adrift in the void...but the power has been restored. Onward from the dark.

Production is going full speed ahead. My time was focused on other things (Brutal Hell Royale, life), but now I feel in a space where I can resume full production. The demo release gave me great feedback. I am addressing major concerns (lighting / toggle NV), balance and whether or not to make Typhon only for Gzdoom. My issue with that is the Multiplayer. A large component of Typhon will be playing of now Typhon will work on Zandronum and GzDoom. I understand how much older Zandronum is feature wise (no Zscript), but the multiplayer is essential to the game. I will be adding things like an objective screen of some kind, mission logs etc. Typhon will be more of a horror fps as opposed to survival horror. People want more ammo, and the feedback I got generally didn't mind frantic combat. It will be a balancing act.

Another thing being added is much, much more voice acting, music, sounds and just massive amounts of AUDIO! I have a background in sound design and audio engineering, and have access to some great talents for the dialogue. I can't stress enough how much of a role the audio will play. There are a lot of placeholders in the demo that will be changed in coming versions!

Expect massive changes and a new demo sooner than later. Expect a larger section of the ship, co-op play, and of course, new weapons, enemies and items!

Premo36 - - 86 comments

Happy to see you're still working on this!

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TRUDADDY - - 36 comments

Thanks so much! It has to be finished!!

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