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Attention, wingnuts! There may have been no updates the past few months, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing going on.

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We are very sorry for the sparse updates lately, but we all have underestimated real life responsibilities. Rest assured things are finally moving along on several fronts and that includes a Mac port! Today we are especially excited that programmer David is joining our ranks. David is part of the Visionaire Studio team and he can also boast work for a number of German video game publishers. We have always been on the look out for special people and in David we have an original thinker and someone who has a deep understanding of fundamental issues with porting games to Mac OS X and how to use that knowledge to create solid gaming experience. Release date of the Mac OS X port will be determined at a later date.

In the meantime, check out Wing Commander Saga: Accolades Trailer - Mod DB


What were some of the hurdles you had to porting it over to the mac? As far as most FSO games are concerned, e.g. diaspora, a mac port didn't require much extra work. What do you plan to do differently and why?

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Tolwyn Author

Some of our customizations did not take Unix OSes into account. We realize that fans want to see progress. So, you can expect some updates and new things to look at very soon (barring some major real life catastrophe... again! Real life has been tough on our team members lately with everything ranging from moving fiascos, job changes, and-- sadly enough-- mild burn outs, just to name a few. But we're hanging in there).

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Well rather then focus on a separate port, personally i feel it may be time to merge your stuff back into the main fso branch. Then naturally all ports and engine updates would be once again in your grasp. Or at least you guys should scrounge up a Zatharas type of fix for the whole project. It's not that crazy a challenge. MatthTheGeek was already partially successful on his own time. With his hack the new prologue is already playable with some minor bugs. As it is now, your engine will always be behind in terms of features and bug fixes that are in the main branch. Just look at the new lighting stuff that is making it's way into diaspora. Surely you would want that in your own game without all the effort of porting it over.

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