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The current status of the development of Earth Landing.

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Unfortunately, I, head developer (EliteWood1337) have chosen to cancel development of this mod due to personal problems. Development may come back but I think that this mod may be dead. I was really hoping that this wouldn't happen but unfortunately it has. I see mods getting canceled all the time and I was hoping that I would see this mod get released, I really liked the idea of it, and other people did as well. Due to personal issues though, I choose to cancel it. I will release the mod as underdeveloped as is as to not leave you all in the dark, if it is chosen that it will stop development permanently. I may in the near future change my mind, but if I decide that my decision is final, than content to the mod will be released; and if somebody else choses to continue production on it, I will not object to it as long as it isn't slanderous (e.g. making the protagonist a Nazi and making the alien Jews, or something else highly inappropriate that does not belong to the mod, if you do this, I will under no circumstance support it.)

Thank you for your time, and continued support, there may have been a small amount of people that supported the mod but every person counts, and it means a lot. I do not know how long it will take me to make the decision, but I will try to inform you guys sooner than later as to not leave you in the dark as previously mentioned.

Until next time, goodbye, from EliteWood1337.

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