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Heres a Summary of what the Ultradimension Republic Clone Wars mod is about and what the plans are for it. It takes place in a parallel universe where Dooku survived, Grevious got killed, Palpatine was eliminated, and the Clone Wars continues to rage in the Galaxy. Its still in WIP phase but it will feature alot of Unique content.

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What is this mod, and what is it about?

What would have happened if Count Dooku survived but Grevious got killed during the Battle of Coruscant? What if Palpatines true identity as the Sith lord behind the Clone Wars was revealed and he was successfully eliminated? What if the Clone Wars continued to spread like fire across the galaxy the Galaxy? In this mods universe that is exactly what happened.

While originally related to the Imperial Dimension mod, I had originally started working on this project last year while working on my main Imperial Dimension Neptunia mod. After working with some Clone Wars era content, I had decided that making the Clone Wars era a seperate mod would work out better and be simpler and more efficient than combining the clone wars era content with IDN main. Thus why Ultradimension Clone Wars is a seperate mod (and I will admit I couldnt think of a better name).

Since its related to the main IDN mod, certain heros will return in this mod, but overall most of the heros will be new in this mod. Additionally the entirety of the space and ground unit rosters will be changed since the Republic and Confederacy replace the Empire and Rebels respectively in this mod. Another major change is that compared to IDNs space combat and balance, the space combat here will be different in that there will be less hardpoints on ships, weapon types will play different roles in balance (such as hardpoint firing arc and projectile distance playing a bigger role, along with more impact of the recharge time).
Returning heros include the CPUs (with new costumes). New heros with ground models include various Seperatist commanders/enforcers like Count Dooku, General Atticus Farstar, Magic, Isaac Westcott, and various Republic heros like Rear Admiral Rampart, Moff Tarkin, Chancellar Bail Organa.

The 2 main playable factions are Republic and the Confederacy. When you play as the Republic, you take control of Moff Sulamar 19th Sector Army Dark Saber Command; as a result most Republic units will feature a unique purple/dark grey paint scheme to signify that they belong to the 19th sector army. When you play as the Confederacy, you take control of fleets and armies who serve under Seperatist Supreme General Atticus Farstar. The shadow collective/underworld faction might also be playable.

Another thing to mention is that for this mod, I will be bringing in alot of more obscure units and stuff such as the Republics Decimator tank, Republic bomber/walker and other republic/confederate units from Galactic Battlegrounds, the republics PTB-625 planetary bomber, the Separatist Stormfleet Destroyer, and many other goodies. Many of these things will have custom models made as well (such as the stuff from galactic battlegrounds, the ptb-625, Decimator tank, Stormfleet destroyer, etc). Meanwhile many new worlds and maps will be created for this mod as well.
Overall this will be a very unique Clone Wars mod for Empire at War.

Whats the backstory?

The back story for this mod is that it takes place in an alternate Star Wars legends galaxy, in a parallel universe to the Imperial Dimension Galaxy. The events of this universe are many decades behind the events of IDN, and while IDN takes place in the remnant era, the Ultradimension universe is still in the Clone Wars. In this universe the Clone Wars had deviated from the main universe in multiple ways but the biggest and most impactful deviation occurred in this universes Battle of Coruscant.
During that battle, Count Dooku managed to escape being killed by Anakin, and as revenge against Palpatine trying to have him killed, Dooku revealed to Anakin and Obiwan that Palpatines true identity was the sith lord Darth Sidious,; and before leaving the ship Dooku order Grevious to kill the Chancellor, which resulted in Anakin killing Grievous. Sometime after the battle, after a big investigation Mace windu went to confront Palpatine and ended up killing him before Anakin could intervene. This resulted in Skywalker killing Mace Windu for killing Palpatine. As a result Anakin was kicked out of the jedi order, frozen in Carbonite, and locked up in the Prism. With Palpatine gone Republic morale dropped and Bail Organa was elected the new Chancellor of the Republic. Bail would then oversee the Republic war effort in the Outer Rim sieges and the Triad of Evil, with him trying to end the Seperatist rebellion as quickly as possible. What allowed Bail to intensify the Republics war effort was that the Republics Clone Army had just recently replenished back to full strength due to Palpatines activating his Secret Spaarti clone army from Centax-2 during the Battle of Coruscant, which resulted in the Republic army returning back in number to around 500 million troops. Meanwhile on the Seperatist front, Dooku took full control of the Confederate forces, cleaned houses, and made the Seperatist army more effective since Palpatine was no longer there to manipulate both the Seperatists and Republic. General Atticus Farstar was also charged with defending the Foundery of the Confederacy against Republic assault, and Dooku ended up recruiting new enforcers.
When you play the galactic conquest, you pick up from the late 4th year of the Clone Wars. By that time the Clone Wars has reached a stalemate between the Republic and Confederacy in that neither side is capable of completely breaking out of the of the midrim borders seperating the Republics core worlds and the Confederacys outer rim territories.

Some WIP stuff and pictures:

Here are some pictures of mod content. 1 picture shows some of the Confederate heros. Another picture showed most of the Clone trooper varients in the mod. The rest of these pictures here show various models im working on and making from scratch for this mod!

Confederate Heros (from right to left) Count Dooku, General Atticus Farstar, Entrepreneur Isaac Westcott of DEM Industries, Enforcer Magic, and Tenka:

cis heros

Various Clone Trooper varients that will appear in the mod (left to right): 501st, p2 Rifleman (also has a desert camo and forest camo armor posted in the mods image gallary), redmarkings p2 Rifleman, P1 armor trooper (will spawn from bunkers on certain Republic worlds), 332nd Company Trooper (2 squads spawn only with Ahsoka Tano), Kamino training Defender Trooper, Elite Squad Clone shock trooper, Clone Engineer and medic, 19th Sector Rifleman, 19th sector assualt Jet trooper, 19th Sector clone fleet officer and field commander, 243rd Regiment of the 19th Sector Commander, Clone Scout Trooper, Camo Clone Scout trooper (also has a desert camo counterpart; these guys drive BARC speeders and their armor varies on planet type), Clone gunner in anti Infantry turret, 19th Sector Bazooka Trooper:

clone types

WIP Seperatist Mortar Crab Droid:

mortar crab droid

WIP Republic Clone Bomber from Galactic Battlegrounds:

fighter clone wip

Scorpenek Annihilator Droid wip:

Scorpenek annihilator droid wip

Super Tactical Droid wip:

super tactical droid wip

DEM Industries Scorpion Pincer droid WIP:

wip scorpion pincer

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