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This is about what is done and what needs to be done.

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I have now been working on this mod for some time.
And I am happy to see all the support people have been giving me and this mod. So thank you very much.

I think you all deserve to know where the mod is right. (So its kinda an update)

First of all what is done:

Most of the weapon models are 100% done.

The shield model is 90% done.

I am not sure about the armor, and I think I can't be sure before I start testing the model.

Most of the models (including armor and helmets) have got their textures and are done.

Now what needs to be done/ Road Map:

I need to finish the texture for the artillery helmet. (Done as far as I know)

I need to create a texture for the spear model. (Done)

I also need to create a double headed war-axe for the hero of this faction/king of this faction. (Done)
(Decided to make him not wear a helmet)

After all this I need to start creating some textures that are going to make the shadows, lightning effect ect. for the models. (Done) (Should work unless I have screwed something up)

Then I am going to make the models able to be used in Rome 2 total war. (Finally Done)

The tricky part is that I can't be 100% sure about anything but helmets because I have to see how it looks like when the models are being combined with the animations. (A lot of trial and error)

And finally I will start actually start creating the units. (I think its done)

Scripting/ PFM (Work in progress)

Then I have to test the units to make sure they work. After that I am going to test them out for you guys to be able to use them. (Just because they work for me doesn't mean they work for you guys... That is just how workshop works)

So as you can see there is still some work to do, but I'll say 2/3 of the mod is done. :D
And as always stay patient and positive.

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