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Wc3:WoW has been on hold for about two or three weeks, but we're back now and development progress is continuing again and is planned to really start up by the end of this coming week.

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We're back again today with more valid and factual news. Two days ago I made a news post that made a lot of people happy. It was an April Fool's joke! I fool tons of people every year, though I guess everyone has gotten used to it by now and this year I only fooled like 10 people or a bit over that. Oh well! Was still fun!

But to jump to Wc3:WoW, I now have a working version of the WoW Map Viewer tool which will work wonders for me when I need to terrain places accurately. The only downside is that I cannot see units (mobs/creeps, guards, player characters running around, etc.) so working with scale might be a slight issue, but I promise I'll get it right. This afternoon or this evening, I will work a bit on either Durotar or Mulgore! Hopefully I'll have enough done by the end of Sunday to show some more eye-candy.

Yixx plans on buying a new computer 'within this week' that will be fast enough to play StarCraft II with ease. That means that Yixx will no longer be having to deal with a slow computer any more and says it will allow him to code triggers much faster. A huge plus and I'm very excited to finally get more trigger progress done. With this good news, I haven't really done much searching for a new vJASS expert.

Doron, a big fan of Wc3:WoW and also a Closed BETA Tester, has been uploading tons of sound effects and songs from World of Warcraft (including expansions) and it will greatly help keep me motivated and inspired to continue working and eager to get the mod into its ALPHA stages at least. The mod is still not playable because we're working on the mod in a more linear step-by-step plan with what we work on. For example, we're working on what the player first sees in the mod, then what comes after that, and after that, etc. At the moment, Character Creation and Customization are two big things we're working on at the moment and are the very first things players will experience in Wc3:WoW.

Our artists haven't been working too much on stuff for Wc3:WoW, but only because I haven't really asked them to do anything yet. I might give them all an assignment today though.

forgot it was Easter weekend and I really didn't have much time to work on Wc3:WoW because I had to spend more time with family and all that instead. However, I did work on Durotar some more. No major progress yet, but I'm working on making Valley of Trials smaller. Right now it's pretty inaccurate as far as precise placement of terrain goes, but I doubt you guys will care when you're playing in it. It looks fine!


yea nice man, but i feel sorry about Yixx :(

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