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So the project is under way so first things first we will be aiming towards getting as many valve player models done over the next month or so. We have also started doing the first track which is a portal track so expect a modern look to it. We will not be making the vehicle's just yet and will be making everyone just have the standard buggy to begin with.

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What Is Planned First
Every character will have the standard buggy at first we are also in the process of rigging player models and creating tracks so the scripting will be done afterwards.

We Are In Current Need Of Help!
As always when a project starts you need to have a development team as of yet it's just me and friend doing the mapping and I (Justin) am currently learning rigging of Noesis interactive.

We are currently looking for

+ Mappers
+ Modellers
+ Character Riggers
+ Vehicle Riggers
+ Scripters
+ Web Site Designer
+ Publishing News On Websites (Youtube, Steam etc)
+ Testers

If you have any of the skills above you are welcome to apply for a place the team will guide you through much of the difficulties above.

Standards aren't massively high yet so don't feel that you haven't got the skill to join you will never be shouted at for your work we are trying to help you not threaten you.

So Does This Help Me Get Into The Gaming Industry?
Sure gaming companies will always look for previous work done and if your new to the industry and want to have a good start this is the place to be. This project shows you can work as a team, keep to dead lines and adapt quickly to a working environment.

How Do I Apply To Join?
Well you will need steam first then on the main screen select "view friends" there will then be an option to "ADD A FRIEND" click it.

Then type in "JustinTheEnd" and click ok

I should reply in a few hours as I'm always busy working on the project.

So If I Join How Will I Start?
This is all down to experience if you believe you are a veteran mapper then you will most likely start making your track straight away if your new to what ever it is you want to do we will guide you through the process of it with tutorials. We also hold team talks from time to time so don't get annoyed if we keep inviting you to chat.

I Like The Idea Of The Project But I Don't Like Certain Elements?
Then say it we want the best outcome we can give to you guys and if you feel that it looks bad then explain your reasoning and give feedback remember not everyone on the team is going to be a professional at this and this feedback guides them to becoming better.

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