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Just yesterday i started my work on this mod. And there some features what you can know right now:

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How you can know, i am planning to modify all weapons player and all monsters. So, some new weapons and descriptions to them:

Physical Bullets

How you can see, now this pistols will shot with physical bullets. And this is more realistic.

Electric Double Shotgun

Double shotgun now will shoot with electric bullets and do more damage.

Mega Rocket Launcher

Grenade launcher now a Mega rocket launcher. It do more damage and you can control rocket speed.

Plasma Launcher

Rocket launcher now a Plasma launcher. This plasma ball can kill monsters very fast and bloody way.

Meteor Gun

Cannon now a Meteor gun. It's very powerfull weapon, more powerfull than older.

More weapons and monster information will be soon.
See you later :D
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Funny how i just purchased the Serious Sam HD Gold Edition a couple days ago and then found this mod just right now... I'll track this and will look forward to the release...

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