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Volunteer! Do your part for the Federal Network. After all, partaking in the Federal Network GUARANTEES citizenship! We're currently looking for level designers, modelers and texture/skin artists...

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Mod Name : Starship Troopers : Source (Obvious Right? lol)

ModDB Link :

Platform : Windows via Steam (Future port to X360 possible)

Engine : Valve / Half-Life 2 Source Engine

The original concept art is posted on the ModDB Link.

We're currently seeking level designers, modelers, skinners/texture artists.

If of course you fit the criteria for another position.
Don't hesitate to shoot off an e-mail to us as well.

If you don't like the mod, the idea, etc. just move on.
No need to post replies in here unrelated to recruiting. No hate posts,
complaining, etc. If you want something changed, offer help and your
insights and show off your talent. Don't show off you can start a
fight...... online.

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