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Details on the Fifth Faction - Starship Troopers...

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Hi All
Ive had an injured ankle for the past few weeks so ive been able to make some considerable headway on the SST faction. My ankles healed now, so im back to work, and work on this will be back to a slower pace so news will probably be few and far between from now on. Ill still keep an eye on this page and keep u guys in the loop as to what im doing.

but anyway the point of this... Starship Troopers...
Ive added in all the units and balanced them to a point. Ive also added in all the heroes. I started with the standard heroes from "Starship Troopers 1st Intersteller War" - ( ) but i had to add a few to cover bug heroes. So i thought about it a bit. And Decided on the following list.

Starship Troopers Heroes

Tier 0 - Faction Leader
Sky Marshall - Essentially Mon Mothma but with details on the sky marshall.

Tier 1 - Stealth Assassin Bug (front right
An Assassin Corvette shrunk down to be about the size of an alkesh. It is essentially SG1 or Han Solo but a bug.

Tier 2 - Zander Barcalow - Heavy fighter squad
(In Canon) Zander Barcalow was a pilot onboard the Rodger Young until its destruction. He crashed onto the planet with Carmen. A brain bug turns up and he gets his brain sucked out...

(In SFAW) Ok i know this isn't how it played out but he is the only other pilot i can find that is named and played a relativly decent roll in any of the movies. So in SFAW he is a fighter pilot (since he was technically a pilot to begin with). He is essentially Luke Skywalker, but for SST...

Tier 3 - Valley Forge (front left)
(in canon) The ship that Juan Rico was assigned to during the Invasion of Klendathu. It is destroyed during a collision with the Y Pres in orbit over Klendathu whilst half its Mobile Infantry Troopers were still in its launch tubes.

(In SFAW) Well its the corvette level hero. Essentially its Prometheus but for SST

Tier 4 - Rodger Young (second row right)
(In cannn) The Rodger Young (176) was a ship in the Federation Fleet. Unlike many Corvette Transports, which were named after famous generals, the Rodger Young was named after a private who posthumously earned the Medal of Honor in the Pacific Theater of World War II.

(In SFAW) It is has the same power level as Apophis, not the strongest ship around but its still fairly powerful. Good enough to take on most ships below tier 4-5

Tier 5 - Command Bug (Second row back)
(in canon).... its not....

(In SFAW) THe general concept for this was a barin bug, but for space. So what i did was i looked at the unused bug ships, this one being the carrier, and decided that it looked like it could pass as a 'space brain bug'', But to help tell them apart i called it the Command Bug (icon will be a brain bug).
Its the same power as Anubis its good against most ships tier 6-7 and lower

Tier 6 - Ryuho (back row right)
(in canon)... not sure....

(in SFAW) It essentially Daedalus same power as someone tier 9 and lower

Tier 7 - Shiloh (back row left)
(In canon) The Shiloh is first seen stationed at Sanctuary when Johnny Rico first arrives. Rico then transfers to the Shiloh along with General Hauser, where on a hanger deck he sees for the first time Marauders. A team of Troopers is chosen for a mission and transfered to the Shiloh; apon which it leaves Sanctuary in search of the missing Sky Marshal.
For those going to say it had the Q-bomb, it didn't that ship was called York.... or at least thats what the wiki tells me...

(In SFAW) This is the top hero, capable of taking on a tier 12 1v1 and still have enough strength left to kick some of the other units asses. Think Thor or Vader....

So what do u think about this list...
Im starting work on the tech tree now, once i know more ill make a vid and show u...



I'm looking forward to the intro for the Heroes of all the other factions :D

Can't wait for this mod!

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List looks fine to me.
Also in the animated series, Barcalow often flew a fighter or dropship so having him do that here fits.
Just wondering if SST are gonna be unshielded like BSG? Can't remember tham having any shields.
Glad your ankle is better anyway.

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Spinobreaker Author

im currently tossing that up atm. curently there shielded, but i was considering changing it and seeing if it helps

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Very nice! Looking forward to it...

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Spinobreaker Author

so i take it no issues with the heroes ive chosen/created?

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the bigger ships need an "abandon ship" skill where they launch a **** ton of transports or fighters when they actiavte it.

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Spinobreaker Author


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