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Starship Command has reached 1.0! The Past, present and future of Starship Command

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It's been a long road from the first beta build to the gold release of 1.0, a lot longer than I anticipated.

Many, many improvements were added along with major new features. This newest build contains a few small bug fixes and actual composed music!

From the first beta build to now, thanks to feedback from all of you, features like

  • Tooltips,
  • Tutorial write-ups,
  • Tactical ship comparison index,
  • Missions,
  • Planet info,
  • Weapon range ring,
  • Hull & component balancing,
  • Bug fixes,

and more were implemented.

With the usual desktop builds and new Android build is released!

Also available are the unlock codes, purchasable at

What does the future hold for Starship Command? Well, new features are being planned such as boarding parties and ship captures, away missions, space monsters, and more.

So keep up with the feedback and any feature requests, because I can't think of everything myself.

The bridge is yours,

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