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Starpoint Gemini Warlords has left the calm waters of Early Access and is OUT NOW!

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Yes, the day has arrived. After roughly 40 updates during Early Access, some smaller, some larger, some massive... Starpoint Gemini Warlords has left the relative safety of the Early Access harbor and has begun its long-awaited voyage of full release.

First and foremost, all of us here at LGM Games wish to thank everyone who purchased the game in Early Access, everyone who helped us during production with their thoughts, suggestions, critique, testing, bug-hunting or by sending us their game log files. Your help and support have been amazing and we cannot thank you enough.

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What's in this v1.000 update?

Now that the mushy part is done, let's check out the launch update. The big deal of this update is the storyline. The scenario is simply called CAMPAIGN and our advice would be to start the game anew. A lot of changes have been made in almost all segments of the game and starting fresh is the best option.

You'll also notice that the Freeroam, Freeroam+ and Freeroam++ scenarios are gone. They have been replaced by five distinct starting scenario which, I hope you'll agree, are an improvement.

A whole lot of balances, tweaks, fixes and additions have been done as well, but I'll leave that for the complete change-log which, as always, you can find below.

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What's next on the plate?

Simply put: updates, both smaller and larger. I'm certain that the diligent captains of the community will have plenty of things to report, be it glitches, full-on bugs or tweak and balancing requests and we most certainly have an obligation to respond. That is the priority. We thank you in advance for your patience as we steamroll through Your reports. Any reported critical issues will naturally have priority, but we're confident we'll have more than just fixes in each update we release.

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How about some additional content?

That's also on the agenda, BUT not right away. There's a staggering amount of different configurations out there in the 'verse and such issues will be among the first to be addressed. Additional content, either in the form of free updates or as paid DLCs are something that comes afterwards.

Thank you once again from me personally for putting up with my typos, for forgetting to write entries in the update change-logs and for my sometimes silly or outright stupid questions in the discussions.

Enjoy Gemini and give your enemies hell!

But, above all else, safe travels captains :)

We've also prepared a nifty little gameplay video, just for you


Old automatically generated saves during the Prologue WILL NOT WORK so please delete those if you have them.



  • Fixed numerous issues related to signing peace treaties that would allow you to achieve peace even if you didn't have enough resources to pay the tribute.
  • Fixed several errors that would make your fantastic paint job disappear when switching to a new ship.
  • While the Context is unpaused, the Scan button will properly switch state depending on viable scan range.
  • Using the Quickaction is no longer possible while the Starchart is open.
  • Using some gamepad shortcuts (skills for example) is no longer possible while the Starchart is open.
  • Fixed a couple of glitches related to planetary landing cutscenes.
  • You can now properly remove a waypoint from the Starchart after placing it, then saving and loading the game.
  • The autopilot now registers course change (when set via the Starchart) after it was initially en route to a planet.
  • Fixed numrious text errors :P
  • Fixed several glitches in the Skill Respec panel.
  • Fixed an error that would result in save file image being faulty when periodic autosave is in question.
  • With the Context menu open, switching between targets with shortcuts, now properly updates button states.
  • Clicking and dragging the mouse across the Starchart affected power distribution. This no longer happens.
  • If a dialogue panel is open on top of the Starchart, pressing the Esc button messed up the game. This doesn't happen anymore.
  • Align to plane now works properly when using a gamepad.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent your research queue to continue properly on loading the game after you died.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for AI fleets to revive instantly.
  • Fixed a problem where an equipment slot wasn't displayed properly while boarding is in progress.
  • The weekly resource gain notification now properly includes trade deal values.
  • A fleet can no longer automatically be named Arsteroid Knights. ... Unfortunately...
  • The Disable skill (5+ rank) can now affect a ship that you're currently boarding.
  • After two fleets join up, the second fleet will no longer remain in the multiple selection panel. This could crash the game.
  • In some instances, the target lock could disappear, but no longer.
  • Fixed several intances where icons would overlap text.
  • Opening the menu when you're in range of a holographic junk reclaimer no longer drops your framerate to 1-2 fps.
  • Fixed a couple of errors related to the SFX of scanning and grapple.
  • Fixed plenty of typos and other text errors. (Thanks to Misunderstood Wookiee)


  • Added 5 new game start scenarios (FREEROAM)
    • Humble beginnings - basic default freeroam start (level 1, gunship)
    • Trading is in my blood - for would-be traders, starting in a freighter
    • The smuggler's life - a lot of neutral factions
    • The Baron - level 10 start, some resources and a fleet to start bashing the nearby outlaws
    • Destroyer of worlds - start on a battleship in a Gemini were not many factions like you (or tolerate you), but you have some resources to get you started
  • Added a number of new planetary landing ports.
  • You can now order your fleets to Retreat from a battle. Just command them to go somewhere else.
  • Exposed and Stunned states are now shown on the Quickscan panel (top right) with their own icons.
  • The Game Launcher is now fully gamepad compliant. This means we can tick that Full controller support now...
  • You can now repair your allies' TGates if you have the necessary tech researched. This is handled via civilian fleet tasks.
  • Hailing the Gladiatrix central board will now tell you who to contact about entering the Gladiatrix and similar things.
  • Shipyard stations that offer fleet ship building are now fully accessible when playing with a gamepad.
  • Fleets that have a warmaster in their ranks, now display the warmaster's portrait. Portrait is either unique or linked to the warmaster's character class.
  • If you're affected by Expose or Disable skills, this is now indicated on the HUD with individual icons.
  • If your ship's hull is damaged, an icon appears near several important buttons to remind you that you should do repairs.
  • The Quickscan panel now displays what class the targeted warmaster is.
  • You can now switch back and forth between the Character creation and the Choose ship panels.
  • Fighter wings now have different icons depending on their type (fighter, interceptor, bomber).
  • Warlords_Manual.pdf replaced the SGW_QuickStartGuide.pdf.
  • Civilian Trade tasks upgraded to involve functioning T-Gates. You can now trade with stations that are in zones that have functioning T-Gates and in the adjacent zones.
  • A tooltip is now displayed for the Character class on the Character creation panel.
  • Fighter wing(s) info is now displayed on the Ship panel when hovering over the Hangar.
  • When you finish the Hyperspace Gate tech research, all non-hostile T-Gates are now revealed.
  • When a hostile faction switches to non-hostile, all of their T-Gates are now revealed.
  • When raiding a structure, the alarm can go off and you'll be notified of this.


  • AI improved
    • AI ships orientate and position themselves better, depending on ship size and the installed weapons.
    • AI ships make better use of heavy weapons.
    • Warmasters make better use of skills and equipment.
    • AI ships are smarter in defending a certain area / territory.
  • Difficulty rebalanced
    • Player's fleet ships are more resilient on lower difficulty levels.
    • Added a completely new Conquest difficulty slider
  • Warmasters are now more resilient. They can withstand a stronger punch.
  • Military ships that are a part of war fleets are now more resilient than their non-fleet counterparts (encounters...).
  • Target lock and Quickaction now use the % character when needed.
  • Switching between panels with their shortcuts, while a panel is already open is now possible. (switching from Records to Skills & Perks for example).
  • When creating a new fleet (by splitting an existing one), the new fleet name is not generated right away, but after the panel is closed. Until then, you're free to name the fleet whatever you wish by clicking on the New fleet box.
  • Auto-repair facilities near Gladiatrix arenas now provide rearming only if it is actually needed.
  • Hacked relay satellites are now dimmed on the Starchart (lower icon opacity).
  • The on-screen hints are now positioned slightly closer to the top of the screen to prevent overlapping the Context menu.
  • Made some adjustments to the Starchart when using a gamepad (starchart panning).
  • Cooldown time of the Precision shot skill lowered to match the Shotgun skill cooldown.
  • The critical hit VFX now takes into account whether or not the ship has active shields or not.
  • Destroying asteroids with the Borehole torpedo now counts as player's kill.
  • Defense platforms no longer target the player exclusively.
  • Perk points are now gained on more artefacts. (retroactively as well)
  • While you're cloaked, defense platforms will not fire heavy weapons on you.
  • Game launcher Manual button now opens up the new Manual instead of the old QuickStartGuide.
  • Changed the starting Equipment loadout when starting the Campaign mode. (added more equipment)
  • Gladiatrix improvements added
    • increased rewards in the Phaehana arena
    • the final battle in the Phaehana arena is now against a Marauder warmaster
    • defense platforms surrounding the arena prevent other ships from interferring with the battle
  • Improved number display formatting in a number of places (added the comma separator).

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Now I just need to wait a few months to hopefully get the income to snag this game. Played the others to death!

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Yay! Been waited ages for this, can't wait to try it out.

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