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This is the list of all features new to StarJunk Alpha version 1.2

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Version 1.2 updates:

  • Colored lighting
  • Brightness/Contrast control (F3 - F5)
  • Upgrade armor now also has Upgrade +5, +10 and +20 buttons.
  • Proper ammunition counter on the character portrait, it now shows the number of AmmoPaks left (not BatPaks as it used to) - the small number - and the number of rounds left in the current AmmoPak - the big number.
  • Weapons rebalanced, AmmoPak capacity increased x3.
  • New Ammo Locker (found in Alpha Mission).
  • Trooper perks/skills now also listed on basic trooper sheet (WiP)
  • Weapon mods renamed to reflect their purpose.
  • Concussion grenade configuration
  • Explosive crates and other props
  • Props may now be targetted by troopers via the context menu, in order to damage or destroy them. Many props aren't destructible yet but can be brought into a state of disrepair (if it doesn't go away after 99% damage, it's indestructable). ATM this is only useful with targetting explosive crates but expect puzzles and other stuff related to destroying or damaging props.
  • Some grenade configurations may be laid out as proximity mines.
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