You command a team of DSSR commandos, usually referred to as 'troopers'. Your mission is to recover damaged, lost, or infected starship derelicts. In addition to that, you will sometimes engage hostage or refugee rescue operations, reclaim ships or installations occupied by raiders, mutineers, pirates or alien organisms, and other government-sponsored missions. Your expertise is combat and elimination, but also maintenance, salvage, infiltration and rescue. You will have to manipulate your environment to your advantage, but also maintain it to guarantee your survival and success. Because, in space, the environment and even your own technology can turn out to be as deadly and hostile as any space pirate or parasitic xenoform.

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StarJunk Alpha 1.2 Released


Version 1.2 updates:

  • Colored lighting
  • Brightness/Contrast control (F3 - F5)
  • Upgrade armor now also has Upgrade +5, +10 and +20 buttons.
  • Proper ammunition counter on the character portrait, it now shows the number of AmmoPaks left (not BatPaks as it used to) - the small number - and the number of rounds left in the current AmmoPak - the big number.
  • Weapons rebalanced, AmmoPak capacity increased x3.
  • New Ammo Locker (found in Alpha Mission).
  • Trooper perks/skills now also listed on basic trooper sheet (WiP)
  • Weapon mods renamed to reflect their purpose.
  • Concussion grenade configuration
  • Explosive crates and other props
  • Props may now be targetted by troopers via the context menu, in order to damage or destroy them. Many props aren't destructible yet but can be brought into a state of disrepair (if it doesn't go away after 99% damage, it's indestructable). ATM this is only useful with targetting explosive crates but expect puzzles and other stuff related to destroying or damaging props.
  • Some grenade configurations may be laid out as proximity mines.
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StarJunk Alpha 1.2

StarJunk Alpha 1.2


This is the final alpha release of StarJunk. All graphics, models, textures and GUI are alpha stage, but the essential gameplay is there. You may upgrade...

charon@ss Creator

Because there is no authorisation required at GameJolt, we will be updating the version there somewhat more frequently. To access the latest (not necessary the most stable) version, use the link:

The latest update removes the nasty turrets from some easy difficulty missions.

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