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You have questions and we have answers for you. First Frequently Asked Questions news post is here and you can find many interesting things in it.

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You have questions and we have answers for you. First Frequently Asked Questions news post is here and you can find many interesting things in it.

1. Why is it taking so long? You have been working on this for years.

Small team working on the huge modification means that things go quite slow. You see, in order to create a good model of a ship you need to spend about 10+ hours working on it and because we are working on this in our free time and none of us is also paid for this, it is quite a big deal. College, job, family and personal life those are things that we simply can not ignore and so our free time for modding is very scarce. Same goes for mission making which might be even longer and more frustrating process in compare to ship creation.

2. Are you looking for more team members?

We are always looking for more people that would help as with Stargate, Babylon 5 or Warhammer40k mod. We are specifically looking for both 2D and 3D artists, mission makers and video creators.

3. Any release date for the next beta?

Sorry, we can't give you any date yet. Too much stuff is labeled as "Work In Progress" right now, so it would be quite foolish from us to give any release date. We will keep you updated, however.

4. Is this non-profit?

Yes, this is complete non-profit project. You can support us through small donation in order to say "thanks" for our hard work but that is completely voluntary. Donation button is going to return once Nexus 2 campaign on Kicstarter has been finished.

5. Why are you re-texturing all of your ships? Is not that a waist of time?

Most of our current textures, which you can see at the latest beta, are actually free texture packs from various creators. They are good but some of them lack higher resolution or we would need to modify them which is not allowed in many cases. Those are reasons to have new textures.

6. Do you have any social network?

Yes, we of course have. We have both FaceBook and Twitter and there are some plans for creating a G+ profile. There is going to be more activity on those soc. networks as there is going to be much more progress soon.

7. Are you going to port SG:WB for Nexus 2?

Definitely, there would be nothing better than bringing Stargate, B5 and Warhammer40k into next generation game. We are actually really excited about it and can't wait to see modding tools for Nexus 2.

8. You haven't released any trailer or teaser for a long time...

Yes, yes, we are well aware of this that is why we are working on a small teaser right now.

9. Any chance for implementation of Gangnam Style in your mod?

No, fraggin' way...

Minor GUI changes + Action Going Down

*Commentator is not a native speaker

Thanks for the information! Please keep up the good work

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Great work! Sorry to see the Nexus 2 kick starter fell through. I wonder what is next for that game.

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