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First of all, a little overview about the mod, progress and the team;).

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Hey all, my name is *SGA*Orion, and i have worked with several mods before (for Star Wars: EaW), and now i wanna try to make mod for Morrowind. Have allready been working with the plugins for my own use, but when i was not working alone anymore, then i decided that maybe il share them with all others aswell:)
The team is small for now, but we manage things so far very well. Due i have school from 6AM to 7PM i will not be able to do so much at work days, but week-ends i work as much as i can:)

In our team:
*SGA*Orion- mod leader/modelling/texturing(somewhat lol)/allmost anything else needed
Odisos- scripting/modelling/planet making/gate expert/second leader
TheAurora- Ideas/scripting from time to time
hardcoregamer24- awsome modelling (buildings/interiors)

: Althor and hes amazing gates and trancemaster_1988 for help he have provided to me.

We are allso looking for help:
Another Experienced Scripter
Someone who can work with textures well
Someone who can make armor/weapons work (right placing of armor/weapons)

We could really use that kind of people in our team.

In the mod we are planning to add tons of new planets (from all SG series) for the people to explore, and if we get help then maybe even Stargate Weapons (ronon gun, wraith guns, P-90 and so on) and Armors (ancient environmental suit u have seen in SGU).

We have several Ancient style buildings made allready, allso loads of props (ancient screens, consoles, tables) aswell as spaceships (Arurora class, Wraith Cruiser/dart, Destiny shuttle) and loads of things as WIP (Atlantis/wraith/aurora/destiny interior, loads of destiny prop from show and more):)

Allso any ideas about what to add are welcome:)
So stay tuned for future updates:)

jedimastereraol - - 946 comments

awesome awesome can i play test (prety please) sounds good

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-IllusiveMan- Author
-IllusiveMan- - - 1,029 comments

lol sure, but its long way to have any testing so far;)

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