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This news update is going to bring you information about three great changes in Starfall Tactics!

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This news update is going to bring you information about three great changes in Starfall Tactics, and one of them is a really necessary thing you've asked many times about in your feedback and suggestions. Hope you will love it!

Finding the right station to upgrade your equipment

That's a thing you were looking forward to during the previous test and will definitely be happy to see in the game. As you remember, upgrade stations - Science Stations and Repair Stations - are created to let you upgrade defective and normal equipment: each of them lets you improve a certain category of equipment. Some specialize on armor, other on basic cannons or special types of lasers - but, before that moment, the problem was that each time you wanted to upgrade something, you had had no option to check what each station can upgrade without having to actually get to it, dock and see.

Now, each station has a name according to the equipment category it can upgrade - you can see it when you open star system map:

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So, the only thing you need to do now - is to discover this station for the first time and, when you will be ready to upgrade something, just find a station with the correct name on the Galaxy Map!

Note that it can be not the final change to upgrade stations and equipment upgrade system - we are always looking for ways to make the game better;)

Changes to Warp Anomalies system

You have probably already checked out the screenshot below and are wondering why there are no starting faction territories inside the inner circle and only a couple of Vanguard system are on the edges of the known Galaxy? The matter is that it was decided to start your Galaxy exploration and, accordingly, count level of anomalies from the edges of the galaxy, so that closer to the center are now all the high-level bases, pirates and the 7th level of anomalies. However, the Inner Circle is still the only place where you can find strategic resources, build new faction bases and attack enemy Motherships. Starting systems which can now be found outside the Inner Circle are invulnerable and can be reached through Gateways.

You can also notice here that we've increased the number of star systems.

Why did we decide to change it? Well, you will probably agree that territory wars look like a sort of late game content and a new Commander who has just passed through the first level of anomalies or found his first defective Salvo Rocket Launcher won't feel very comfortable there. Also, if you start from the center and end up somewhere on the brinks of known space, it basically means that with time you will spread around the Galaxy and meet other Commanders less and less often with time, feeling way too lonely even for this big dangerous space.

Thanks to the upcoming changes, you will engage with other fleets and enemy factions more and more while you get through next level of anomalies - getting a lot more fun rather than desperately wondering in the silent open space.

Fog of War

And another thing we wanted to tell you about is changes to the fog of war in Starfall Tactics. Previously, there was only one fog of war which could hide enemy ships but still allowed you to see all obstacles, including asteroids and nebulas in battles. However, in some RTS games, you have two layers of fog of war, where one fully hides territories with all the obstacles and terrain until you scout it once, and the second one covers places which you have already scouted, but where you don't have anything that gives you a vision at the moment.

So, we decided to use this approach and implement the same system in Starfall Tactics to make another step to increasing importance of scouting ships and the joy of discovering new things. And, well, who knows what else can be hidden in this dark dangerous space?

See you next week!

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