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We are once again here to bring you more information about upcoming changes in Starfall Tactics!

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Are you ready for another portion of work-in-progress news, Commanders? The time has come to show you some curious things we are currently working on and lift the veil on other upcoming features:


Let's start over with a portion of always-good-and-great news: as our artists continue creating characters for Starfall Tactics, a lot of new things appear. So today we are ready to share the first look of customizable character model: that's a default character model which we both will use to create story characters and plan to give you as something you will be able to create your own character from somewhere in the bright future.


As you can see here, we've already created several outfits which can be easily identified as faction clothes - strict Vanguard uniform, high-tech Eclipse costumes and Deprived clothing. Of course, they can be available in different color schemes. Also, hairs became one of the recent additions for 3D characters in Starfall Tactics and we hope that you will love its' epic look ;)

New crafting resource: Emitters

Along with extending Starfall Tactics contents and adding new features, we are going to improve crafting system and make it even more interesting and diverse. There are a lot of plans and great things to do for crafting (and we will, of course, tell you about it in the next news articles) and among all, of course, there will be much more different resources in the game - the first one to appear in the game is Emitter.

ion emitterneutron emitterphoton emitterproton emitter

Emitters are a crafting resource, used to create certain categories of ship equipment. There are four types of emitters: Ion, Neutron, Photon and Proton - each of them can be included as an ingredient for a recipe - for example, Photon Emitter can be used to create Photon weapons or any other related equipment. This resource won't drop from pirates: instead, it will be a thing you can acquire by salvaging certain items - and well, that's another curious topic for the next news articles;)

5 New Crafting Components

We continue adding new crafting resources for different categories of equipment - previously we talked about 4 types of Emitters, and today we are going to present another five resources:

gearsacceleration turbineopticsplasma convectordirectional explosion system

  • Gears - component for crafting mechanical weapons - auto guns, heavy cannons and etc.
  • Accelerating turbine is used to craft all blaster weapons.
  • Optics - components for creating beam weapons.
  • Plasma Convector is a crafting resource, which can be used to create plasma modules and weapons.
  • Directional explosion system - components used to craft mines and some other explosive modules.

As we already mentioned, you will be able to acquire these components by disassembling certain items which are to be announced later;)

Dangerous Asteroids Fields

You have probably heard or even got caught at least once if not many times in a row into a dangerous asteroid field - but just in case you don't remember or haven't yet tried it - here is a short description: Dangerous Asteroid Field is an asteroid cluster on a star system map which has a small chance to catch you. In this case, you enter an instance with dozens of asteroids flying around and have to get out of this map manually (by reaching the borders of the map), avoiding all these asteroids which can deal a lot of damage to your ships or, in some cases, even destroy it.


Previously, all paths (which are automatically built when you order your fleet to move to a certain location) ignored asteroid fields, so unless you manually point your own way through the system, you always had a chance to get caught into a dangerous asteroid field. Now all paths will automatically build routes which won't cross these asteroid fields - just point the target location and relax for a while, chatting or doing other space routines...of course, if there are no pirates and other enemy fleets nearby. Still, if you are trying to escape a pirate attack and consider asteroids as the shortest way to escape it, you can try moving through it at your own risk by manually pointing at this location.

Other changes

There are always a bunch of minor changes to come with all global things we are talking about here - so here are three of them for you to check today:

  • Ships which are in a nebula will be visible for other ships, even if they are not in the nebula, at 1000m range - To escape these strange situations when you stay close to another ship in a nebula but can't see it
  • The long-awaited feature is back to Starfall Tactics ship editor: Now you can zoom in ships in the ship editor and enjoy their great detailed look!
  • Pushing Space button moves the camera to your fleet when you are in the MMO mode - so now you can quickly come back to your fleet even if you are looking at a different system.


See you next week!

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