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This week we have quite a bit to share with you all from the addition of Orbital battles, Mass Driver kill, Slow Motion direct hits, and a tech demo of procedural planet creation.

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StarDiver: Weekly Update
What is StarDiver?

StarDiver is a multiplayer, story-driven space romp in a procedural universe inspired by the 1990s classics like Starflight and StarControl!

What's New this Week?

Orbital Combat -- The game will transition from far zoomed out solar navigation to zoomed in battles. If near a planet, that planet will be the backdrop to the battle. Procedural planets are looking great!

Mass Driver -- Use the Krex smasher pulse to deflect incoming projectiles or to mass-drive ship chunks at your enemy
Mass Driver Kill - Indie DB
SlowMotion Direct Hits - Indie DB

Micro-Sun Gravity & Heat Damage -- Two races in the game have the ability to spawn micro-suns and singularities. Example of a micro-sun and the gravity well it creates.
Gravity MicroSun Destruction - Indie DB

Two Player Versus Battle -- Two, controller wielding, humans duke it out with krex ships to playtest the new weapon abilities.
2-player-versus - Indie DB

More about StarDiver
StarDiver features 30 unique alien races, all with an in depth backstory and rpg elements. Each race will have it's own unique ship with unique controls and weapons. Befriend these races and gain access to piloting their technology. The project is highly inspired by the old space opera classics like SunDogs, StarFlight, Universe, and StarControl series. Action combat with deep story and rpg elements, 4 player same screen coop for consoles and client/server coop for pcs. Run your own persistent server for you and your friends to explore.

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Wow, those procedural planets look really cool. Do you mind sharing some info on how you achieved that? Do you "just" blend together different textures?

Why not allow 4 player coop on the pc as well, for users who have gamepads? I find coop to be most fun when you're sitting next to each other, and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work with multiple gamepads on the PC/Linux/Mac.

I like how the ships all seem to work very different, especially because of the one ship's guns facing sideways. That's a neat idea!

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friken0 Author

Thanks for the feedback. We are using a algorithmic substances (check out substance designer in google). We may allow same screen coop on pc as well, but hope to further the pc multiplayer capability by allowing players to run their own server ala minecraft. In playtesting we will get a better idea how many players have multiple controllers/people for pc setups.

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Does the music slow like that in game? I love the music, and the slowdown effect, but slowing the music too kinda ruins the pacing in my mind, just my opinion ofc :D

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friken0 Author

Lol... you are not the only one that isn't a fan of the music slowdown. I have a feeling that it is a feature that will either be left out entirely or reserved for a rare over-the-top weapon in the game.

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