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SOR updated After looking at the feedback, I made some adjustments based on balance.

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4.7.5 is Updated




Starcraft SOR 4.7.5


4.7.5 Patch Note

Terran has been greatly increased.
Science Vessel's Zerg-only command technology now works for all races.
Bio Steel upgrade has been added to Science Facility

Just before baneling, baneling destroys himself and attacks.

4.7 Patch Note

Fix some bug and balancing

Valkyrie "Burst" ---> changed to Viper technology

Starcraft SOR 4.6 patch note

On Windows 10, run it as an administrator.

starcraft 1.16.1 for mod --> MEGA
and use install.exe in starcraft 1.16.1 folder, then 1.16.1 Address is registered.

① Worker counter deletion.
I deleted the code that counts the number of workers, and I do not know why, but this code causes a bump in Windows 10.

② Add the display function of the unit currently on board.


* Support bunkers.

③ Protoss new unit 'Forgotten' added, dragoon removed.

In 4.5.2, the Dragoon and the stalker shared the same area in that they were ranged units from the same gateway, and there were no units able to counter the mechanics of the Terran. So I drastically removed the Dragoon and put in a Forgotten.
(Robotics facility unit)

Energy limit: The energy of the observer is naturally recovered up to 50 (maximum energy 100)
Energy Shield: When you receive less than 30 damage, it consumes 5 energies and destroys the attack.
Damage Absorption: When you receive 30 or more damage, reduce it to half and fill it with 25 energy. (Development required)
Recovery Wavelength: When energy is above 100, it consumes 100 energy, restoring 80 shields of surrounding units including yourself.

③ Adjust the sound volume which was too loud.

④ FIrebat In the flame mode, the error that the grenade sound sounded, the animation error, the error that was not able to be in the bunker, the error which entered the attack twice, and the error which applied the speed reduction effect were solved.

⑤ Change Viper


We decided that the existing Viper would be meaningless, and turned it into an air-to-ground unit that uses Banshee graphics.
There is no setting.

⑥ Delete Void Collapse of Void Archon. It is too powerful, inconvenient to use, and there are bugs,
Psi destroy is maintained, but the effect is added. Mind Control and Feedback are attached to Void Archon again.

⑦ Some adjustments of Ghost technology development method.
Lockdown is a basic ability, and Targeting and EMP have to be selectively developed. Targeting is changed to basic ability and EMP and Lockdown are selected.

⑧ Zerg Defiler Tech Units must be selected for evolution.
Previously Venomous and Defiler were designed as a different style of ancillary units, but Venomous's ability, except the poison cloud, was so useless. Upgraded Venomous and evolved from the Defiler mound to change only one type of unit.

So, it increases Veonomous's movement speed, gives attack ability, adjusts the absorption to give splash damage, and reduces the damage of too powerful poison clouds (25 damage per second -> 10 damage per second )

⑨ Remove the Zealot's Rush Upgrade ->
Removed the Zealot's dash upgrade and upgraded the 'Leg ehancement' to make it possible to naturally dash, and slightly modified the dash code.

⑩ Change the sound of Protoss building
Changed to sound effect of StarCraft 2

⑪ Music change.
The remaining stars 2 Various background music Mix and apply properly

Bonus : Alarak

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