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The possibility of reforming this mod under a new engine.

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I've been playing with the SC2 editor a little bit, and it seems that the creation of a CtA-style mod is quite possible. It would have considerably many upgrades over the Generals version, using features that I had intended to work into the earlier game but was unable to bring in due to engine difficulties. Of course, beginning such a project would involve completely recycling the material made for CtA and starting afresh. However, modern warfare mods have a promised market availability, and SC2's mod scene is very fresh ground to work upon. Think I should go for it?

I'll also need help. If you have anything to contribute - anything besides rants, that is - send me a PM or reply here.

Zenta12 - - 140 comments

so hows is the game is it good

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medicdude Author
medicdude - - 166 comments

It's not everything it was hyped up to be, perhaps, but it's pretty enjoyable. It also scales back nicely to run well on old hardware. The singleplayer storyline is also one of the best I've encountered in a game, just as the original SC's was. Gameplay is balanced, of course, and extremely polished due to years of refinement. The voice acting is a little weak, I think, and some of the sounds are not all they could be, but it's really an impressive game worth playing.

As a site note, the lead designer, Dustin Browder, was also the lead designer on Generals.

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Godwin - - 291 comments

Totally forgot I did work for this mod hah. Go for it. I haven't actually played SC2, but if you want to mod it, what's stopping you? I'd just say, treat it as play, like in the old days. Don't get too caught up with big ideas, ambitious goals, or project-based work mimicking real developers; take it a step at a time - consolidate and develop your ideas gradually.

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medicdude Author
medicdude - - 166 comments

It seems I'll be unemployed this winter break, so I'll throw some content together for a possible revitalization. One of my main concerns is the cartoony terrain commonly used on the SC2 maps; more realistic heightmap terrain is possible, but lacks the cliff texture-mapping ability that SAGE had. It also may not allow all the terrain bonuses that SC2 uses, enhanced range and visibility... but I'm not sure that Generals really utilized those features anyway.

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Sy - - 3 comments

Hi Medic, long time....years since we were working on CTA....glad to see your still plugging away. I haven't been playing or modding for a long time now...but just recently I have been playing SC2.

I've also been learning how to use Blender which I find infinately better gmax. These days I'm still coding for a living but also doing a lot of stuff on Android...stay in touch :)

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