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The mod changed its name to Rebellion Warfare. New gametypes, more fun!

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That's right, Rebellion Warfare Mod will now include 3 new gametypes: Battle of Heroes, Jedi Purge and The Rise of the Deathtroopers.
Battle of Heroes: You will spawn as Jedi or Sith team and eliminate enemy team. You have nothing but your lightsaber and speed.

Jedi Purge Gametype *NEW*

Jedi Purge: The gametype will bring you back to the end of the Clone Wars era, when our chancellor confirmed Order 66, an irresistible order that kiled many Jedi. Allied team spawns as Jedi and survive the purge. Axis team spawns as Clonetroopers and kills as many Jedi as they can.

Jedi Purge Gametype: Axis team

The Rise of the Deathtroopers: This is the zombies-like gamemode in which you and your friends must stand the rage of deathtroopers. Allied team spawns as Hunters and Axis team spawns as Zombies. For now, you will need at least 15 players to have enough fun, as well a beast PC to run a server with it.

The Rise of the Deathtroopers

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