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basic overview of the final version of the star wars faction

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Hello Again
This will probably be my last news in a while since im hopefully going back 2 work soon.... hopefully...
Anyway over the past few weeks ive got a lot done, ive finished Stargate, alsmost finished Halo, and as of yesterday, finished Star Wars...
So heres the details

Now the finalised details of stargate are as follows
Set 1 - Class - Ability
Tie Interceptor - Light Fighter - Hunt
Vulture Driod - Light Fighter - Spoiler Lock
X-wing - Heavy Fighter - Spoiler Lock
Jedi Fighter - Heavy Fighter - Hunt
Clone V19 - Heavy Fighter - Hunt
Starviper - Heavy fighter - Hunt (only in supergate)
Y-Wing Bomber - Light Bomber - Bombing Run
Tie-Bomber - Heavy bomber - Bombing Run

Set 2 - Tier - Spawns - Ability
Corellian Corvette - Tier 1 - X-Wing x1 - Turbo
Acclamator Assault Ship - Tier 2 - Tie Interceptor x1 - Power To Weapons
Interdictor - Tier 3 - Tie Interceptor x1 - Interdict, Missile Sheild

Set 3 - Tier - Spawns - Ability
Broadside Cruiser - Tier 4 - none - Power to Weapons
Crusader Gunship - Tier 4 - Starviper x1 - Bribe (only in supergate)
MC30 Frigate - Tier 5 - X-Wing x2 - Cluster Bomb
Nebulon B - Tier 6 - X-wing x2 - Power to Sheilds

Set 4 - Tier - Spawns - Ability
Victory Destroyer - Tier 7 - Tier Interceptor x2 - Power to Weapons
Alliance Assault Frigate - Tier 8 - X-wing x2 - Power to Sheilds
Kedalbe Battleship - Tier 8 - Starviper x3 -Bribe (only in supergate)
Calamari Cruiser - Tier 9 - X-wing x2, Y wing x1 - Power to Sheilds

Set 5 - Tier - Spawns - Ability
Federation Battleship - Tier 10 - Vulture Driod x20 - Leech Sheilds
Star Destroyer - Tier 11 - Tie Interceptor x2 Tie Bomber x1 - Tractor Beam
Venator Cruiser - Tier 12 - CLones x6, Jedi x4 - Energy Beam

Heroes - Tier - Spawns - Ability
Han Solo in "The Falcon" - Hero 1 - NA - Invunerable
Luke in X-Wing - Hero 2 - NA - Lucky Shot
Sundered Heart - Hero 3 - X-wing x1 - Weaken Enemy + turbo
Yoda in Jedi Acclamator - Hero 4 - Jedi x2 - power to shields
Home One - Hero 5 - X-wing x3, Y-Wing x1 - Concentrate Firpower + Power to sheilds
Accuser Star Destroyer - Hero 6 - Tie Interceptor x4, Tier-bomber x2 - Energy Weapon + Tractor Beam
Vader in Super Star Destroyer - Hero 7 - Tie Interceptor x5, Tier-bomber x5 - Energy Weapon + Tractor Beam

The Starbase and Orbital satillites (Laser = anti fighter, Missile = anti ship, Jammer = Hyperspace jammer) are still the same as in the Vanilla FOC, with the Empire Starbase being used for the Star Wars faction. It autospawns the Research Station and 2 Tie Interseptors. Same issue as with stargate, if the Interceptors die, they wont autospawn ack until the reseach station is destroyed. Now on to the Tech Tree

You start with
You Get Armor, Speed, Weapon and Sheild Upgrades for both Rebel and Empire
Kuat Shipyard 1 - Unlocks Broadside Cruiser + Yoda in Acclamator + Kuat Shipyard 2
Kuat Shipyard 2 - Unlocks Nebulon B Frigate + Victory Destroyer + Kuat Shipyard 3
Kuat Shipyard 3 - Unlocks Star Destoryer + Accuser Star Destroyer + Kuat Shipyard 4
Kuat Shipyard 4 - Unlocks Refit Jedi Cruiser + Vader in the Super Star Destroyer

Bastion Accords - Unlocks Xwing, Ywing, Mon Calamari Shipyard + Corellian Engineering Corporation + Corellian Shipyard
Sienar fleet systems - Unlocks Interdictor + Hoersch Kessel Drive Yards
Hoersch Kessel Drive Yards - Unlocks Trade Federation Battleship
Corellian Engineering Corporation - Unlocks Corellian Corvette + Sundered Heart + Rendili stardrive
Rendili stardrive - Unlocks Rebel Assault Frigate
Mon Calamari Shipyards - Unlocks MC30 Frigate + Mon Calamari Shipyard Expansion
Mon Calamari Shipyard Expansion - Unlocks Mon Calamari Cruiser + Home One

so there u ahve it, Star Wars is in and finsihed

As for an update about the Mac/Ori weapons, it has been resolved, thanks for all ur input

Have fun

PS - To all those who like good scifi series, and can only see them dieing in the ass atm, please like this on facebook, i have


Admiral-Ash - - 1,811 comments

Yoda's Acclamator should be called the Vandar, that's was his actual ship.

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

until reading this post i had no idea who Vandar was, and im sticking with Yoda, since... its well yoda lol

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Admiral-Ash - - 1,811 comments

Aww crud, never mind, somebody tricked me! I thought that was the name of Yoda's Acclamator. Turns out on Wookieepedia, it's just called Yoda's Acclamator-class transport. I really don't mind fanon stuff, but I hate when people make it sound like it's canon. Just like when people say the Titan Heavy Cruiser is canon, but it's not.

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

well i didn't even know he was in one, i just assumed that in the republics war he would be on one eventually lol

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