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The new version patch for Star Ruler is out, fixing multiplayer issues, adding in a new system management window, and adding a new Hull and Technology.

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The new version patch for Star Ruler is out, fixing multiplayer issues, adding in a new system management window, adding a new Hull and Technology, and adding new fleet formations (note that Box formation is currently unstable).

Screenshots from September Screenshots from SeptemberScreenshots from September Screenshots from September

Full changelog:

  • Fixed an error in the stellar-pedia (Research World description)
  • Docking now works in multiplayer
  • Fixed research issues in multiplayer
  • Re-ordering items in a planet queue now drags the last item of the group.
  • Quantum Compressors had no effect on economic storage and ship bays.
  • Stealth Hulls now execute their miss logic before their damage absorption.
  • Fixed an issue with unicode localizations.
  • Ringworlds were boosting both the size and level of structures, leading to epic strangeness.
  • Small objects will no longer be cut off so drastically.
  • Bussard Ramjets were ignoring the thrust multiplier in settings.txt
  • The structure list was behaving weirdly (erratically reordering, removing the wrong level) when removing structures.
  • The research queue was failing to save.
  • Systems were being sync'd to a slightly different position on the client, which lead to some strangeness.


  • Object ownership changes are managed differently now, reducing overall bandwidth usage.
  • AIs now make liberal use of fighters.
  • The default fighter design now uses the Fighter Hull, and has a longer flight time.
  • AIs now intelligently queue up designs, leading to less wasted production capacity in games with many systems.
  • Redid a significant portion of Sub System base code. Modders will need to redo any modifiers they have created, see the game's existing modifiers for examples.
  • Updated German, Russian, French and Polish translations.
  • AIs will be more intelligent about their research.


  • Player names are now matched to their empire in the empire screen in multiplayer.
  • A message is now displayed if you fail to connect to a server.
  • Added the Fighter Hull, a hull for small ships (scale 1 or smaller) that has the ability to dodge attacks while moving. It is also light, slightly cheaper than normal, but very weak.
  • Added an option to enable/disable Vertical Sync.
  • Added console command zplane (default 140000) to control the near clipping plane.
  • Large ships become rapidly more expensive to build as difficulties in construction lead to massive losses of resources.
  • Added a new technology: Mega Construction. Advancing this technology will unlock the Ringworld (with two other techs researched), and reduce the cost of building massive ships.
  • Fleet formations (wall, box, escort, wedge).
  • Ship stances / engagement orders ("Engage at will", "Hold position", "Hold fire").
  • Added new system window with more information, more controls, and multi-system support.
  • Added new AI ship designs.
  • Owned planets and ships can now be renamed through a button on the info panel. (Not fully supported in multiplayer)

your game looks insane, I have to try this out some time.

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You're uber-right.

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