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Wrote in C# using our actual game engine embedded into the UI - Cine is our own Editor for our Star Knights Game.

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Cine - Introducing A new star.

Cine is a custom gui/editor powered graphically by our Star Knights game engine.

It works based on a graph node system. You can import graphics/sprites, and then easily add CSharp scripts to them (Similar to Unity3D, but only for 2D)

Features to come will include a TimeLine editor - for creating 2D Cinematics/Animations, for Intros/Cut-scenes and so forth.

It will also have the ability for end-users(Players of our game) to code in C# plugins for the editor, that will let them extend and enhance the game, via Game Modifications. (Similar to other popular pc games)

These mods could be whole new stories, or even just simple gameplay mods for fun.

Users will be allowed to do anything they like with theirs mods, even sell them if they want.

Other features will also include a full Event & Conversation tree editor, to make it easy to write rpg style conversations into the game between the player and NPCS.

The game/editor will feature more than one type of graphic output.

1) Overhead 2D Graph output. As seen in the shots posted. With perpixel lioghting and raytraced shadows

2) Iso-Metric 2D Graph output. with per pixel lighting shadows too.

3) Raycaster "Dungeons" - For planet raids. Procedurally generated "doom" like maps, where players can loot and take on random encounters.

The game will be story based, with events/conversations and unique battles and moments to give it a rpg-like quality - although set in space, plaeyers will be able to land on planets and explore them for a more traditional rpg like gameplay - with characters/items and skills for each character that joins you on your quest

-Episode 2 - will likely feature co-op or at least PvP multiplayer modes too. The game is episodic so it will likely be cheap, but have more regular sequels than a bigger more expensive game. Hopefully we'll sell it on Steam-

Kickstarter - Once fully up and running, we will hopefully launch a Kickstarter campaign too.

More to come soon.

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