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Star Command Galaxies has released Alpha 6 focusing on Missions, Vendors and lots of other cool stuff. Take a look at the new trailer and read about what's new!

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Greetings Star Commanders!

We have just released Alpha 6 and we are very excited about the new features, bug fixes and surprises we have in store for you. You can check it out on Steam here:

So what's new?

Our biggest focus for this update is the completely revised Mission Dialog system. Now you can go through a branching tree and begin to choose your path in the galaxy. This system will continue to get more and more robust with choices being influenced by your characters relationships, perks, quirks and other factors.

On top of that there are many new mission types including exploration, bounty hunts, collection, ship combat and others. All of these will continue to be refined and expanded on as we go but this should give you good set of base missions to explore the Galaxy to.

Vendors have also received a makeover with a new storefront making it easier to purchase items and look at Vendor inventories on Space Stations.

You will also see that you can choose your ship at the start of the game! Each ship has different loadouts and strategies and we will continue to differentiate and define each ship class in future updates. And speaking of ships, there is a brand new medium hull that you can purchase after you complete your missions.

There are a ton of bug fixes and some new bugs we very likely introduced. We will continue to issue weekly patches and monthly content updates, so if you do run into an issue please post it on our Steam Community Hub and we will address it ASAP.

Alpha 7 will be out in November and feature Loyalty for your crew and other characters of the universe. And we will finally be rolling out PLANETS!


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