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My Fellow S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. I have something to say. I am just bussy the last six months with school and i am almost ready with my exams. So please wait a little longer and i'll upload (maybe) my last 2 mods. And for anyone who's NOT interested in this mod please dont comment. You may give advice but dont say things like "this mod sucks...hard!"

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Downloads not ready

Is not ready...

Like i say the mod isnt ready. People have complained that i must change the equipment in the beginiing of the game. So i will make some changes in the xml and ltx files. BUT, do not complain about anything else or your comment will be deleted. I dont want anymore people saying my mods are rubbish. If you dont like it just dont comment. The updates will be:

-Escape: Vla's, groza's and Vintoresses wil be converted into ak74's and abakans.

-Garbage: No exo's, veterans and superweapons

-For the enhncement of the weapons in game FN F2000 old is available from Red forest.

-Gauss from Pripyat.

-Artifact activation will be a bit more powerfull

So for the next update, these changes are (hopely) made. I will post the news then.


Yes, i've been feeling like a bus, too. I get where you're coming from.

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Good luck, hope you get to finish the changes.

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