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Welcome to STALKER NEWS, a monthly newsletter inspired by the Russian modding site Read about the interesting world of stalker and its mods. This month's newsletter features news about Legend Returns, OP-2.2, LA DC Addons, True Stalker, Gunslinger and a lot more!

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Welcome to the first issue of 2022! Happy new year to all, let us hope this one goes a little bit better!
There's been a fair amount of news since the last newsletter, with some mod developers giving us their late New Years updates.

A big 'thank you' to E'ruiq and lelop for translating these posts!

And as always, thank you for reading this edition of STALKER NEWS.

Now let's get on with it:


New Year's announcement from the developers of NOSTALGIA:

- Happy New Year to everyone!

This past year turned out very difficult for us. Certain circumstances forced us to move the development aside.

Unfortunately, our project doesn't make us money, our work is based on pure enthusiasm. This means we have to make a living elsewhere—which is why we couldn't spend as much time on the project as we wanted to in 2021. However, we managed to do some active work on the project towards the end of the year, but let's not talk about that for now =) We promise to make up for that later.

Once again, happy New Year to all of you! We wish you joy, good video games, and of course - good health! Can't do without these things.



The Winchester 1300 Shotgun is coming to Gunslinger's arsenal of weapons! The developers announced this in their New Year's announcement. The Winchester 1300 will have a variety of upgrade options, including attachment-mounting capabilities. The team behind Gunslinger promise an emphasis on realism in the workings of this shotgun. At the moment, animation work is underway for the Winchester 1300.


Legend Returns

New Year's post from the developers of Legend Returns 1.0:

- Hello, dear players and onlookers! On behalf of the whole team we'd like to wish you Happy New Year 2022!

We would like to take this opportunity to reveal information about Legend Returns 1.0 and the 0.9.3 update's development, show you some exclusive content and send you a very important message.

So, this year was obviously going to be difficult for the mod, let's not pretend otherwise. Unfortunately, under the pressure of IRL factors, some of the developers have partially or completely left the team. Of course, we can't blame them for this, but don't be upset.

Now, what even is 1.0? In its current state the mod can be described as a semi-story build with rich gameplay and locations/bases, some fully developed storylines, almost complete settlements and working active A-Life simulation. In the mods current, playable state, you can check out a bunch of the mod's features, and "live" in a constantly changing game world.

At the moment, finalization of storylines in 1.0 (perhaps the most important thing we have left to do with the mod) is very slow, due in part to the fact that some of the developers have left. Because of this, we're asking all news sources reposting this to their communities to announce to the public that we need people who are willing to help work on the story. They don't have to be experts who know everything from beginning to end. We need full training, advice, quality control and, of course, moral support. The fate and direction of further development of the mod is probably largely dependent on the community; it depends on how quickly we get new developers to see what we do next.

It is impossible not to mention the much-talked-of update for Legend Returns 0.9.2, update 0.9.3. It was decided to give it a working title - "Legend Returns: Classic", in order to avoid confusion in the naming of one mod and another (the name may still be subject to change). The developer has done a tremendous job in all aspects. But for now, let's get on with the details - as early as January 2022, the developer promises to post a huge pack of information, including when the new update will (approximately) be released. We hope it will be very soon...

Finally, a little bonus for you players. Here are a selection of 1.0 screenshots from the past year. (posted below)

Once again, congratulations to all our bildomaniacs with the upcoming New Year holidays, we wish you all the best, more features and fewer bugs, bildo dawns and sunsets, and, of course, the fulfillment of all your dreams and desires!

Narodnaya Solyanka OGSR

Narodnaya Solyanka 2016 on OGSR engine has been released! Development is active and still ongoing, but players are free to download and test out the beta version of the port. Changes made include: a magazine system, improved inventory functionality, a new weapon pack based on the STCoP weapon pack, improved engine and game code, and other miscellaneous content.


(Download - rus.)

Fate of the Zone

Fate of the Zone 0.81 has been released!

An updated version of the Fate of the Zone mod is now available for download. The mod is standalone, and does not require the original games to run. It features a unique system of weapon customisation. The new system introduces sights, holsters, muzzle adapters, and a number of other items. A modular "unloading" system has also been created. Most of the unloaders and a significant part of the mod's suits have several slots for modular extensions, allowing you to customize them for your purposes. A weapon customization interface has been created, allowing you to install said addons on weapons, adjust their position, and control them. Various improvements to the game's UI, numerous bug and crash fixes, balance and game mechanics adjustments were also implemented.


(Download - rus.)


In the new version of AlternitavA, which is now in development, there will be several seasons. To choose a different season, the player will need to exit the game, restart and select the desired season. There is no need to start a new game. The release of the update should be sometime during 2022. The developer plans to expand the storyline and add a new weapon pack. The project is based on the OGSR Engine.


True Stalker

A new screenshot and some small news from True Stalker developers:

At the current stage of development, the goal is to finish and refine all the current work. The soundtrack composer has finished 99% of his work—this includes background music on locations, music in story cut-scenes, credits, the main menu and the intro, and even the release trailer soundtrack. The composer recently released a small mix of tracks in his own VK group. True Stalker developers say they will try their best to make the release happen as soon as possible.

Anger of Darkness VK group (Account required to listen to the soundtracks):


D.E.V.I.L.R.Y. R.E.M.A.K.E.

A new video from D.E.V.I.L.R.Y. R.E.M.A.K.E., featuring some quest excerpts, a new soundtrack, new in-game locations, and a story DLC centered around the Military.



New Year's greetings from the OP-2.2 development team!

- Good day dear fans of the Stalker universe and everything connected with it!
The team of the OP-2.2 mod congratulates you with the new year 2022 and wishes you all the best in the coming year. We wish you all good health, prosperity and simple, human happiness.

In this new year fans of the mod will finally be able to see, "feel" and dive into mod, which the development team has been developing for such a long time. The team of mod developers decided not to tear you away from your family during these festive days of the New Year, so you can be with your family, as well as the developers themselves. Well, after all, mutants also want to celebrate the New Year with their own kind, and not hiding from Strelok in the nooks and crannies of the Zone (we know this because a controller told us).

Once again, congratulations to all with the new year, which is very symbolic of the long-awaited OP-2.2.


True Path 2.0

True Path 2.0 has been released!

The mod has a brand new storyline with a duration of 2 to 14 hours, depending on the player's style of gameplay and involvement in the additional side quests.

The plot of the game is based around the military operation at the end of Shadow of Chernobyl, codenamed "Monolith". In the process of carrying out the operation they discovered the use of unknown weapons by the enemy, easily downing their air assets, resulting in the decision to withdraw and develop a new, exclusively ground-based plan of attack; Operation "Monolith-2". The protagonist, Operative Quartet, must lead his squad through the Red Forest near Radar and link up with another squad to carry out the operation, but soon things don't go according to plan, again.

Additionally new weapons, anomalies, artefacts, cut mutants as well as many new items have been added to the game. Levels have been reworked and there is also a new system of using items and an achievement system.

A more detailed list of changes and download links are available on our forum (link below)


(Download - rus.)


The long-awaited premiere of OP-2.2 has finally come! Over three years of development the devs managed to prepare an incredibly large list of new features. Quests have been expanded by adding the major storylines "Bloody Endgame" and "Family Hearth". There is a new storyline in the Valley of Whisper's main level, in which the devs promise to surprise players and make them look at the world of the Zone with a different view. New branches have been added to the old questlines & changes to the other questlines of the story have been introduced for the sake of something new. So, while completing an already familiar questline it seems you're able to visit a new location. And not just a normal visit, but one with twists and turns along the way. In OP-2.2 the developers also tried to leave familiar quest design behind, diversifying it. The mod's developers have tried to listen to feedback from players, even if it did not manifest itself too obviously, and to correct many plot holes and flaws in the storyline. At the moment, OP-2.2 retains the title of the longest running story among all Stalker mods.

A large number of innovations have appeared in the mod's gameplay. There are quickslots, an updated system of creating and managing your own stashes, redesigned and improved interfaces, revised balance and functionality of artifacts and suits. The weapon lineup has also seen some serious additions. Much of what has been added to the mod has not been covered intentionally, so that the players themselves rediscover the mod, not playing it "by the book", but as if it was their first time playing it.

As the mod has a lot more content and has moved to a 64-bit engine, the system requirements have increased slightly. Players will need the appropriate bit-rate operating systems and, preferably, an SSD-drive to speed up the mod's load times. It will take up more than 40 gigabytes on your disk. The mod is distributed as standalone, without the need to install any of the original games.



S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 has been delayed to a new release date, December 8th, 2022.


A new video from the author of Gunslinger, STRIFER. The video showcases new animations added for the Burer—and the Boar's new special attack in the new upcoming update. Check it out!

Lost Alpha DC Extended: Gunslinger Addon

5 new screenshots from Lost Alpha DC Extended: Gunslinger Addon!


Lost Alpha DC: CGIM Addon

The CGIM weather addon for Lost Alpha DC will receive a new update! The existing version of the addon already comes with 17 high-quality weather cycles. This number will significantly increase with the new update. Release date's unknown as of now, but the author presented a small teaser for you to watch as an introduction for the update. Check it out!


Thorny Way

One of our members, , released a hand translation for Thorny Way—a mod we've previously covered here in this channel when it was released back in late 2019. Give it a try if you're looking for something fresh to play!
(The mod isn't standalone. Works with retail 1.6.02 and Steam version of CoP.)


C-Conciousness, 2022.


May the Monolith bless you all for the help you give to the Western Stalker community!

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Thank you!

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Awesome work.

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Fate of the Zone in English sure would be nice

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If anybody reading is looking for an update: we likely will release a new newsletter somewhere around this month. February was skipped due to lack of news.

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