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In this article you can take a look at how our Fire and Ice spells behave in the game. Also, know more about the wizards inside the Stage 3 universe!

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Hey everyone!

In this new development diary, we'll share some information about the fire & ice spells, as well as the lore behind them and the casters, the Blazing Warlock and the Glazier Warlock!

Blazing Warlock: The Ebullient Scream

They are mages chosen for their pure and unstable emotions, which made them able to transform their fiery emotion into a burst of offensive magic, as one moment of big emotion can make them become the most powerful wizards for that short duration.
They can be calm as the wind, and at the next instant they can burst into an uncontrollable anger, making them unreliable teammates in the battlefield, as when they are flooded by emotions, they become emotion itself. Although they control Fire as another extension of their body, they depend on their emotions to unleash their power, and can be easily manipulated.

Here's a showcase of some of the fire spells we've been working on - They're not perfected, but there's a good example of what we want to accomplish with them.

One of the upgrades of our fire spell, is that the Fireball can be charged by rapidly putting together your hands. This makes the area of effect larger, the range increases and the damage multiplies.

Glazier Warlock: The Piercing Needle

These mages are chosen for their cautious, logical minds and emotions, which makes them able to strike on the very precise moment it is needed.

Their will never wavers, no matter the situation they always try to come up on the top. Ice magic allows them to slowly take the fight on their favor, using tactical moves like chess. Aside from magic, these Warlocks excel at manipulating allies and enemies. Their acts and emotions always try to go along to whatever situation favors them - taking things slow, and assuring their victory that way, although often overconfidence blinds them sometimes, not finishing a fight when they have the chance to.

Here's a showcase of some of the ice spells we've been working on - Like the fire spells, they're not perfected, but there's a good example of what we want to accomplish with them.

The Ice shard is an spell that when it collides with an enemy it adds a slow effect. If it collides with the floor it leaves a trace of snow which can be used to spawn an icicle by doing an upwards motion towards the desired direction.

The mages inside Unreal

Take a look at some in game screenshots of the Blazing and Glacier Warlocks inside Unreal Engine!

sanctum order unreal shot

That's it for this week, hope you enjoyed the article!

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