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Stack Swap is a block game like no other! It has never been seen or heard of before!

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As a fellow block game lover, I've decided to come out with something completely new! Something different, addictive and fun to play! Which is why I'd like to introduce you all to Stack Swap.

Stack Swap is a game which features easy to learn controls. I feel controls should be the #1 priority for mobile game developers. The game should do what you'd expect it to do and Stack Swap meets the criteria for all these things.

As for the gameplay, the game makes use of 3 columns of blocks. The type of blocks which the columns contain vary based on difficulty. In the game's entry level stages of difficulty, the shapes are the same in size yet different in color. As the level of difficulty progresses, shapes of different sizes which are also different in color are added.

The objective of the game is to match 3 blocks which are identical in shape and color. As you try to match these 3 identical blocks, other blocks will fall down. To win, you must match and move blocks fast enough. If you don't move fast enough, the blocks will reach the spikes and you must start over.

Stack Swap lets you choose your type of game mode. There are 2 game modes to choose from which are called "win" and "survive".

The win game mode is level based while survive is high score based.

Win mode becomes more difficult as you make it to higher levels.

Survive on the other hand lets you choose between easy, medium, hard and insane difficulty modes. Each difficulty mode becomes harder as you play and each difficult mode requires you to improve your skills as you hit a new high score.

Since the gameplay is a bit difficult to describe in words, we ask you to watch the video below to get an idea and of course to download Stack Swap for iOS or Stack Swap for Android!

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