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A first glance at my new project, a rather large Ion Fury mod. About 98% of the textures I made myself, as of course the 3 levels it contains.

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Last year it was rather quiet around me here on Moddb, even when I did release 3 very large Ion Fury sp maps. They can be found in my profile and I will give links to them below.

For the last 8 weeks or so I have been working hard on the first map of 3 of this new mod. As I have been working on textures, guess I have around 150 or so of them now. Soon I will tell more about this mod but for now, a video says more than 1000 words I guess, that is why I released today my first gameplay footage video (of map 1). Please have a look and have fun, it's a big video of 7,5 minutes. It simply is a huge map lol.

Here is a list of my 3 previous released Ion Fury maps;

SPYmaps Ion Fury 1.0

SPYmaps Ion Fury 2 (final version 3.0)

SPYmaps Ion Fury 3

And here you can find all my other sp-maps, sp-mappacks, and sp-mods from the last 20 years for games such as Duke3D, Shadow Warrior, Quake+Quake2, CoD 1+2, Mohaa, Prey, Sof2, Half Life2 and episodes, Serious Sam Bogus Detour, Broforce, Far Cry 5 and some others that I am forgetting;


Guess that is about it for now. Soon I will have new footage of map 2, so please use the "Mod Watch Follow" option so you know when new info is uploaded!

Have a nice day, and, keep your eyes out for new maps and mods! We modders are here to entertain YOU!
Leon Brinkmann, aka


this looks really good made me thing of installing the game again hmm, how long are the levels in terms of gameplay?

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SPY-maps Author

Thanks for commenting Teringlijer! The 3 maps I already have released will each have around 45 minutes or so of gameplay. So together the 3 will have around 2:15 hours of gameplay. This new mod with 3 maps will have around the same gameplay time. So, I think it really is worth to download and play them. And installing the game itself also only takes a minute or 2 I assume, lol.

(wat een naam trouwens, Teringlijer, denk niet dat veel mensen op Moddb weten wat het betekend, hahaha) Yep, ik ben inderdaad Nederlander, lol.)

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SPY-maps Author

In the article above you can find all 3 download links.

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