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Splazer Jag is now on Android. iOS and web deployment soon to follow. A brief summary of the game features and gameplay.

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Splazer Jag is now on Android™ through the Google Play™ store with iOS and browser based versions soon to follow. Play Store Link

The game features two modes, regular and classic, with four levels of difficulty, the most challenging being insane mode. In regular mode, launch from just above the planet surface over to the right side of the screen. The goal is to gain as much distance in that direction as possible.

After launch, proximity mines and energy orbs will begin to approach the ship from all sides. When the player touches an object, it is destroyed. Be sure to destroy all the proximity mines, (objects that have spokes on all sides and come in multiple colors), before they come in contact with the ship; if you fail to intercept these objects, they will drive the ship downward on impact.

Gamplay 01

The energy orbs on the other hand must not be destroyed; they give extra energy to the ship and force it on an upward trajectory. The blue energy orbs are stable and will not cause any negative effects when destroyed accidentally. Yellow energy orbs however are unstable and will cause massive damage to the ship if destroyed.

Gamplay 01

To go an even greater distance, destroy three of the same color mines in a row. This will activate a power up depending on what color combo was achieved. For example, flares appear when three of the orange colored proximity mines are destroyed and shields appear after three purple proximity mines are successfully eradicated.

Gamplay 01

For an added challenge, play the game in the INSANE difficulty level, or play in CLASSIC mode where there are only red mines and no combos.

Gamplay 01

Have fun and stay tuned for the iOS and browser based releases of the game!

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