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Spiral Update 002 now out for ‘ORION: Dino Horde’! This huge update adds maps, hats, taunts, a huge game patch and tons of other juicy goodness.

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Spiral Update 002 now out for ‘ORION: Dino Horde’! This huge update adds maps, hats, taunts, a huge game patch and tons of other juicy goodness.


We have four major types of game updates planned:

  • Title Updates: Targeted Monthly. Starting June 2013 (DLC Packs)
  • Spiral Updates: Bi-weekly. Map Variants & Store Updates.
  • Game Patches: Weekly. Tweaks, Changes, Adjustments.
  • Hotfixes: Weekly. Fixes any issues with Game Patches.

Spiral Updates are bi-weekly updates for ‘ORION: Dino Horde’ which focus on adding more variety while we work on the larger, more significant Title Updates (Free DLC Packs). Spiral Update 002 adds the following content:

  • 2 Maps
  • 3 New Hats (@Spiral Store)
  • 1 New Taunt Pack (@Spiral Store)
  • Game Patch 4


  • Fixed: Throwing a Smoke Grenade no longer states EMP.
  • Fixed: Issue with Flying Dinosaurs that could allow for backwards flight.
  • Fixed: Issues with HUD not removing Large Dinosaurs from memory.
  • Fixed: Issues with HUD adding extra indicators that were not visible.
  • Fixed: TREK-12 Shotgun still listed for Support in Class Selection.
  • Fixed: Spectator speeds now maintain speed lock for clients.but
  • Fixed: Death icons no longer display for enemies.
  • Added: New Game Loading / Streaming (safer, faster loading).
  • Added: Mission Lockdown system – doors are locked until captured.
  • Added: New Boss Punishment System.
  • Added: New Gladiator Vehicle turret handling.
  • Added: Cooperative Level: Peak (Day)
  • Added: PvP Level: Depth (Day)
  • Added: Video Option: Vehicle Particles.
  • Added: Video Option: Weapon Particles.
  • Added: Video Option: Environment Particles.
  • Added: Video Option: Dinosaur Particles.
  • Added: Spiral Store Content – Medieval Pack – King’s Knight Hat.
  • Added: Spiral Store Content – Medieval Pack – Thimble Hat.
  • Added: Spiral Store Content – Medieval Pack – Dark Thimble Hat.
  • Added: Spiral Store Content – Taunt Pack – Music Pack (3 taunts).
  • Added: Utility Gun – Repairs Vehicles & Generator, gives ammo.
  • Adjusted: Reduced scale of Supply Stations at Outposts.
  • Adjusted: Utility Gun & Status to reflect proper refill rates.
  • Adjusted: Water surfaces to not act as a solid for crouched players.
  • Adjusted: Vehicle ramming towards Dilo’s is now slightly more effective.
  • Adjusted: Gladiator turret now has slightly increased damage.
  • Replication: Triangle Indicators not vanishing.
  • Replication: Generator not showing proper color overlay.
  • Replication: Dead squad mates HUD status.


The Early Discovery (Spaceman) hat will be available to ALL users for FREE until tomorrow - Wednesday, May 15th, 2013.



Think you can beat us in 5 v 5? Prove it. Send an application to:


If you have a team assembled let us know and how many. Matches are announced on Wednesday and played on Sunday. More details here.


Do you own or work for a gaming press website and need review copies of ‘ORION: Dino Horde’? Simply send an email to and let us know who you work for.


Do you run a gaming-based YouTube channel or account? Let us know and we can get you hooked up with some press copies of the game.

Send an email to with a listing of who you represent.

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Great, more news from a terrible game, full of terrible illegally obtained content.

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