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Spells that consume other people's spirits, magical force shielding and a smallish fireball cast by a friendly creature. Want more?

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Our special reveal of Spells and Card Effects from Spellweaver TCG continues (check Part I here) as scheduled. This time we have some really tricky stuff to show.

Number one is the Consume Spirit!

Second is the effect of the Disciple of Zash!

And finally the powerful effect of the Forcemage Protector!

This is the place we say a BIG THANKS to the amazing Georgi Georgiev that creates our visual FX.The guy completely blows our minds every time he shows us something new! We are really happy we have the chance to work with him.

And because we know these are just not enough you can expect more Spells next week.



Really polished game, congrats! I don't play TCG's on PC but if I came across this on iPad I would certainly try it out, based on screenshots alone.You have done an amazing job there =)

Hope you have a good rollout strategy though, because the niche is so oversaturated right now. Is this for casual or core players?

Wish you the best!!

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krpishmanov Author

Hey, monsters! Thanks for the kind words.

Back in 2010 when the Spellweaver project was started there were literally almost no digital TCGs on the market. Now as you pointed it`s a different story.

We are really striving to make the game flexible, accessible and easy to learn to every possible gamer out there and at the same time to maintain the strategic deepness and complexity. So, yeah we hope to reach both casual and core players!

We will surely release an iPad version later after the PC version so keep an eye on us.

Good luck!

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I seems really interesting. I mean no offense but it's like a Magic clone? I say it not in a bad way at all. It seems pretty impressive. Do you plan to make an android version?

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krpishmanov Author

No offense taken Lord_Baal! Magic: The Gathering is probably the father of all contemporary TCGs and we take inspiration from them. It`s a normal thing. But with the same power you can say every platformer is a Mario clone...

If everything goes as planned and we have successful PC and iPad versions we will surely invest in an Android version in the future. But still this is not scheduled.


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