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Modding tools are now available for Grimlore Games' RTS/RPG.

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Munich, Germany/Vienna, Austria, February 7th 2018: The critically acclaimed RTS/RPG SpellForce 3 gets a new, powerfull map editor today. Players can not only create maps with the same tools as the development team, they can also use an extensive scripting tool to create their very own missions and custom maps, with unique rule-sets. You want to set up a MOBA-kind-of-map, where you only command heroes, while automated armies fight each other? Or do you prefer a Horde mode, fighting ever stronger waves of enemies? You can create them, you can make #MakeRTSGreatAgain.

This is the first step of the modding implementation for SpellForce 3. The map- and scripting editor will come with a detailed tutorial and glossary, to make the modding opportunities as accessible as possible to everyone. The modding tools are available now and can be downloaded directly via Steam. Of course they are free for all owners of SpellForce 3.

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Today we released our Mod Toolkit for SpellForce 3. Modders can create new content for SpellForce 3 by using the developers tools at their hands.

The Editor allows you to create new maps and you can code new gameplay with the scripting language "Angelscript". We want to release new modding possibilities in the future.

You can find the Mod Toolkit in the DLC section in Steam and can install it for free.

Documentation & Samples
We added a tutorial for the Editor to the DLC and you can find it here: SpellForce 3/Editor/Grimlore World Editor Documentation.pdf

In addition to that you can find the scripting wiki here.

We also added a sample map in SpellForce3/Editor/Template Map/. You can load it with the editor as an example and modify it in the Editor.

Debug Client
You can use a debug version of the game client (SF3ClientDebug.exe) that allows you a debug&script console as well as debug warnings if you start the game in windowed mode. That will help you to find bugs or errors in your mods ways easier.
You cannot use the debug client to play SpellForce 3 online.

We look forward to your creations!

Your Grimlore Team

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Horde mode like Last Stand would ne neat.

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