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Whilst we wait for Demo3 to finish, we decided to put together a couple of speedmaps just for the sake of it. I did a randomising medieval dungeon whilst Ricky made a classic base brawl. Both feature RMQ elements, but not overly so - we don't want to spoil the surprise. Note that these are speedmaps, not full maps, so are good for 5 minutes of fun and were each made in a single day so aren't heavy on polish.

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This is a cutdown delivery, featuring only the required to play. If anyone is wanting the source / editor files anyway then post or send one of us an email.

And heres the download link, from Ricky's website:
To install copy and paste the engine and .dll files into your Quake folder, then the remake folder next to your id1. Run the engine and bring down the console with tilde. Then type either "map rift" or "map ugly".

Replaying the rift map will cause most of its elements to be rearranged by the randomiser code, and ugly has some of the new base enemies which haven't previously been seen.

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