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Buy Spectre Detector alpha for a price higher than $0.25, and help save lives by supporting Polycystic Kidney Disease research!

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What's New?

  • Reworked bullet calculations
  • New AI systems (dynamic ai vs. ai battles)
  • New movement code
  • Animated sprites
  • New asset loading system
  • New log file system

Why should you care?

Spectre Detector is selling currently in it's latest alpha for $0.25. If you donate any amount of money more than that, it goes straight to helping research PKD. By donating to PKD research, you are essentially saving lives. To read more, click HERE.

PKD Foundation

Where can you get it?

Why are we doing this?

My family has a long history of PKD. Both my uncles had it as well as my own father. It is a very serious disease that can become deadly very quickly. It is very important to me that this is researched so that future generations no longer have to deal with the pain and suffering that my family, as well as many others, have felt.

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Title Screen
Spectre Detector Alpha Gameplay
More Gameplay


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