What is Spectre Detector?

Spectre Detector is a top-down 2D shooter designed to allow anyone to just pick it up and enjoy themselves. It's fast-paced, space shooting action confined to the 16 bit realm of an arcade machine.

How Much Is it?

FREE!!!! (while it's in alpha)
Donations are welcome, as they help keep the website running and new features coming.

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That's right, Spectre Detector is now FREE while it's in alpha.
Get it here: DOWNLOAD
On top of being free, Spectre Detector got a MAJOR update!
This update includes:

  • New data system to optimize speed
  • New vector based bullet system to minimize bullet calculations
  • Major performance updates
  • Frame limiter to keep the game at a reasonable speed
  • Explosions!
  • Shield effects!
  • New Updater so you can receive updates more efficiently and conveniently
  • Debug mode and cheat keys (left in from dev. Figured they'd be fun)

This is one of the larger updates to Spectre Detector code-wise. This update is all in preparation for shops and pickups as well as potential MULTIPLAYER! That's right! We are planning a 2 player co-op mode (or competitive) for SD. This will allow you to connect client-client to your friends for insane score and money grinding!

That's it for this update!
Thanks for checking it out!

Spectre Detector ALPHA release for Charity!

Spectre Detector ALPHA release for Charity!


Buy Spectre Detector alpha for a price higher than $0.25, and help save lives by supporting Polycystic Kidney Disease research!

Complete Recode!

Complete Recode!


Spectre Detector 2.0 is almost here! The alpha is coming soon!

75% Reduced Price!

75% Reduced Price!


Spectre Detector will now have a reduced price! Now available for only $0.25!

Holiday free!

Holiday free!

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Spectre Detector is FREE for July 4th until July 11th!

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Spectre Detector 2.0

Spectre Detector 2.0

Full Version

The updater/installer for Spectre Detector 2.0. Download now for FREE! [NOTE: SPECTRE DETECTOR IS STILL IN ALPHA! THERE MAY VERY WELL BE BUGS]

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